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today IS special...

Happiness is a warm gun filled with nostalgia blanks.

I've been making a running list of memorable TV shows from my youth. Here in 90210, we have this incredible place called The Museum of Television and Radio. Normally, I'm like, museum?? bore...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. But this place is special. They have a room in which you can go and watch an episode of pretty much any TV show ever. Like ever ever.

Last time I was there I viewed some Doogie Howser M.D., (the one where Doog gets a fashion makeover/earring), some Max Headroom and some You Can't Do That on Television.

And mere minutes ago, I remembered the name of a show that's been on the tip of my tongue for months now: Nickelodeon's Today's Special!!

"The show was about Jeff, a mannequin, who came to life when his magic hat was placed on his head and the magic words were said - "Hocus Pocus Alamagocus." This was because of the spell that Waldo the magnificent had cast on him, but to keep the spell from being broken Jeff was not allowed to leave the store. Each night, Jodie (the display designer), Sam (the night watchman), and Muffy (the mouse) would explain a basic topic of life to Jeff. The topic would usually have something to do with the title of that episode. As Jeff learned something new so did the children watching the show."

I kinda want to bottle up the feeling of reading that paragraph over and over and sell it on Ebay. No wonder I loved this movie so much a few years later.
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Posted by Blogger kayde on 5:59 PM

i had the.biggest.crush on jeff when i was little.

that explains my fettish with the mens department at sears. no not really. but i wish it were true.

and i cant do that on television... that green slime was the shizzle.  

Posted by Blogger kayde on 6:00 PM

yes i do realize its *you* cant do that on television, but i was a little girl with a vanity problem. it was all about me baybee.  

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