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i need to learn spanish...

we did it.

my roommate and I cut off all ties with comcast cable. it was bound to happen. firstly, LA cable is a joke. our cable box was always on the fritz and our comcast-approved remote control was shot putted into our living room wall three months ago. since then, it's sat solemnly on our coffee table as a delicate reminder of why conducting your own olympics competitions in your apartment space can have dire consequences.

i'm not really that sad even. but everyone around me looks at me like i've strangled their puppy when i tell them i have no cable.

"not even basic?"
"no HBO?"
"what are you going to do?"
"i hate you."

on a more happy side note, somehow we still get about 4 spanish-language stations. i watched a whole half-hour of something or other last night because even the car informercials are sexy.
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