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eff everyone for buying my crappy records and forcing me to go out drinking in hollywood while i'm still underage...

Avril Lavigne doesn't care about camera people.
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Posted by Blogger Keith on 12:55 AM

I hate Avril Lavigne.  

Posted by Blogger justin on 9:50 AM

I hate slobber.  

Posted by Blogger lawkiid on 4:39 PM

Avril rocks... I like her f-u style, and the fact that she isn't some mass produced American skank like Britney, Christina, and now the Simpson tramps! At least she doesn't lip-sync on Saturday Night Live, and have her perv dad as her manager!
Rock on Avril, keep doin what you do best!  

Posted by Blogger Keith on 7:44 PM

lawkiid: Avril is completely produced by the record companies, and she's managed to turn that supposed "f-u" style you like and make herself into a total and utter bitch. And contrary to what she says, she doesn't write her own songs.

Rot in hell, Avril.  

Posted by Blogger lorentexas on 9:28 AM

wasn't she reduced to tears on mtv's punk'd.... so much for that f-u attitude  

Posted by Blogger Neil on 10:32 AM

She's say, "I'm Number one!" on the billboard charts!  

Posted by Blogger xanadian on 11:37 AM

Maybe her finger got stuck like that, and she isn't laughing in these pictures, she's grimacing screaming in agony from her locked deuce. Imagine the trouble she has when she needs to wipe. Imagine how much worse it would be if her LEFT hand got stuck like that. Whew!

No, I don't like Avril either, if you couldn't have guessed. Images. Pheh! Attitude. Pheh!  

Posted by Blogger Cory on 4:57 PM

avril is just as much a product of the record companies as britney is. there's absolutely no difference.  

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