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jessica alba and i come full circle (but not really)...

I wrote the entry below about a year ago. Even though I come off as a huge geek, today I kinda feel the same after reading this glorious new article in GQ magazine.
dear representation of ms. jessica alba,

so, i was thinking about my celebrity sightings/meetings since i've been here. jennifer aniston, britney, christina, mr. t, topanga from boy meets world, 2 of the queer eye guys, harrison ford, etc....

and i asked myself, "self, who is the person that you haven't met yet but would give up your prize possession Oscar the Grouch figurine to meet?"

this was a huge question. i had to think about it, take a few meetings (i'm very important), think about it some more through careful number-crunching with an abacus...and then, it hit me.

i want to meet jessica alba. aka honey.

my good friend natalie knows this, was THIS close to pulling it off in a grandiose way for me last year and then it fell through.

WHY? you may ask would i want to meet l'Alba...

a) she's gratuitiously hot. like "even if she was a parapalegic i wouldn't care" hot.

b) she's #3 on my hollywood hotties list. #1 and #2 are untouchables at this moment.

c) and i think we would have very good conversation.....

in my head, our meeting would go like this...

ME: Hello Jessica, my love.

J: Get away from me sicko!

ME: But we have so much uncharted love territory to...chart. And love.

J: You're weird.

ME: Like, weirdly alluring. Sexy even?

J: No, like just weird.

ME: Thank you my sweet pet. And I love you.

J: I love you too.

(and then something PG-13-rated involving honey and breakdancing)

there you go. that's all i ask for. that's all i need. thanks for your consideration and for your eventual quick sentry of her home phone #.

with love,

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Posted by Blogger Liz on 4:48 PM

What's hilarious? J.A. and I were born on the exact same day. We're evil twins. She got the fabulous ass and somewhat-less-fabulous brains, I got the fabulous brains and somewhat-less-fabulous ass. She makes significantly more money than I do, sure, but is she happier?

Well, probably.

But her recent move towards blonde-dom makes me suspect that she's growing envious of my clear superiority. And at least I'm a natural blonde! POW!  

Posted by Blogger justin on 4:52 PM

I think that I might love you too.  

Posted by Blogger Liz on 10:08 AM

And that totally makes my day. Alas for the girlfriend that is yours. Um. Hi girlfriend!  

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