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me read book...

I just finished reading He's Just Not Into You. For the second time. Voluntarily.

I met the author, Greg, last year when he was on my show. After hearing him speak about it, I was like, "Dang, this guy wrote a HUGE best-selling book. Maybe I should read it and start smoking what he's smoking. If I smoked. Or something."

As many of you who have read it now know, the book could have been written by my 16-year-old brother. Obvious 101. You're too (blank) for him, he doesn't like you, do it sista, blahblahblah.

Unluckily, there probably won't be a book someday like it for guys. Number one, most guys don't read. Number two, those that do read...read books meant for girls. Because we're girly.

Options for the alternative to HJNTIY (aka the dude version):

She Thinks You're Scary, Bro
She Doesn't Know You Exist, Dude
She's Totally A Tranny
She's Got Issues, Yo
She's Totally Your Mom..Gross
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Posted by Anonymous matt on 4:45 PM

i did see something of a sequel at the book store yesterday, though. it wasn't for men, granted, but its title was "be real -- you weren't that into him, either."  

Posted by Blogger justin on 5:05 PM


Next may be, "For Real--Get A Life, Girl."

Or, "Look Up. Look Down. Guess What? He's Still A Dog!"  

Posted by Blogger dong dong23 on 2:45 AM

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