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win a date with mischa barton...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
[pic circa Mischa after she reads my poem]

Okay. So the poetry contest prize isn't technically a date. But it's a step in the right direction. And that direction is sweet sweet love.

Soooo...fingers crossed, I just sent in my entry below.

Me + Mischa = Foreverscha

Mischa Mischa
Last name Barton
If you were cigs
I'd buy a carton

I'd call you Virgina Slim
You'd call me Ultra Lite
We'd give each other backrubs
Hot love all night

People made fun of you
When you barfed on Haley Joel
But I said good for him
Cause he now looks like a troll

Which brings us to your boyfriend
About twice my size
But I think I can take him
Just distract him with pies

We'll run far away
Maybe take a hot air balloon
Start a family on an island
It'll be just like Blue Lagoon

(Link provided by Miss Lindsey. May the best poetician win.)
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Posted by Blogger CaptSmakk on 2:31 PM

Nice one. You'll be starting a poetry war with Linds. I'll have to join in soon...after much alcohol.  

Posted by Blogger lindsey on 2:43 PM

hahahah very good! damn me for not publishing my original love sonnet! DAMN ME TOO HELL.  

Posted by Blogger lindsey on 2:54 PM

i also demand mishkus from you.
followed by a limerick round.
and we finish out with sonnets.
then together we publish a book.
we have until january 26th if we want to give it to her for her next birthday.
i think this is something she deserves and will really appreciate.  

Posted by Blogger justin on 2:57 PM

Demands schemands.

I stand by my original masterpiece.  

Posted by Blogger lindsey on 3:03 PM

fine. have it your way. but if i get DQed for referencing drugs, this competition is a SHAM!  

Posted by Anonymous Jon on 6:15 PM

I entered that too. I wrote a haiku. It went something like this.

You fake lesbian.
You cannot act at all, girl.
Go eat a sandwich.

Posted by Blogger Amy on 1:32 PM

they should make a Lindz n' Frindz series.
you know, tara reid. nicole richie. paris hilton.
interesting accessories included.  

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