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you're killing me smalls...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

What the hell, James Earl Jones?? I thought we were BFF.

We have our poker night ever other weekend, we go to Dodgers games together, I'm always a shoulder for you to cry on...and you don't even think to tell me that you filmed a sequel (even if it's a crappy direct-to-video one) to one of the top 5 best baseball movies of all time!!!

You know I looooooved Mandy Peppercorn.

You know I loved S'mores.

You know I loved the main kid and his crappy long-billed hat.


And to think I had to find out all this at Target of all places.

You should be ashamed.
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Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 11:48 AM

Worst. Sequel. Ever.  

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 9:12 PM

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