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oliver trask will kill all that deny his trendy sportscoat style...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I friggin' love the O.C. Behind 24, it's my most favoritest of shows. If I threw it out a window, it would definitely come right back to me because that's what things in love do. They come back to you.

And I understand a few people are upset with last night's two-some of episodes. "Why is Kirsten drinking all of Russia under the table? Who is this new Seth and why isn't he old Seth? Let the Nana find love!!!"

BUT I LOVED EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF IT!! And the fact that my favorite character is coming back for the season finale has me more amped than Scott Savol at a baby-eating buffet.

So, now, let us all use the Jedi-mindtrick hand thing on Oliver Trask and say, "Oliver, you will kill every character in a Bon Jovi Blaze of Glory that I (we) do not like. That includes Zack Attack, Trey Therapist, Caleb, ThatWhore and the trucker who ran into Kirsten when we thought she was safe from that other car. Then, you will go around to each of the remaining characters and demand that they say that your sportscoat style is cool and that they would buy stock in the Oliver Trask Sportscoats In Every Color clothing line, if it existed. Then you will demand they all laugh and point at Marissa until she cries unconvincingly. Amen."
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Posted by Blogger lindsey on 4:56 PM

im so excited. oliver was my favorite character too. hands down. whoop!  

Posted by Blogger Jesse on 5:08 PM

The OC is rockin'.....too bad its gettin' sorta cliche  

Posted by Blogger matt on 8:11 PM

oliver's the best. obvs!
that's why my friend and i created his fakester and posted a message a couple of days ago getting people ready for his return.
even if things are out of control, i can't wait!  

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