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the crying shame...

Oh, Bruce Dern, no.

In the future, if you're going to hide your date's Adam's apple at a red carpet event, please do the public the courtesy of concealing it with something a little less obvious.

Like a umbrella. Or a tarp.
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Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 2:00 AM

Hey man, it's Josh.
Just checking your blog, you know, everybody has one now.

But I can tell you're still as hilarious as ever. I cracked up at that picture. DAMN.  

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 2:30 AM

Oh, one more thing kid. Just got finished reading a few of your entries - felt obligated to share mine. They're not quite as funny - more bitchy sometimes, and of course, quite revealing, but what the hell? Enjoy. Lata.



Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 10:48 PM

Nice subtle plug, Nerrrrrrrrrd!

- Ogre  

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