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revisiting the 10 women i want to make multiple babies with...

Some readers might remember last year's original post entitled, "The 10 Women I Want To Make Multiple Babies With."

Well, through the power of love, Huey Lewis-style, I'm happy to say that some of those women have found true happiness in a life partner. But that doesn't mean our mission is accomplished. There's still bliss to be found. Eight of those women are still waiting for your possible letters/marriage proposals:

  • Mandy - She's from CA (hey, closeby). She's open to any ages (hey, i'm any age). And she needs someone to help her pick up that brush (Me?).

  • Mae - Something tells me this chick likes to party. But she's obviously not all about sunning herself on the beach. She also likes "all sports both indoors and out." Is that innuendo? Shame on you Mae.

  • Norma - What can I say? I'm a sucker for girls with Indiglo watches. I would totally make someone my "would you look at my arm and tell me the time" bitch if I had that.

  • Stacey - I just want to drink beers with this girl. And run my fingers through her kickass bangs.

  • Carrie - She looks like she really doesn't want to be under that waterfall. But since she's got that Sarah Polley thing going on, she's in.

  • Heather - She looks like a girl I used to date. Her name was also Heather and she also had a pinkish-red aura. She said I was jealous of it and it was the reason we grew apart. But don't listen to anything her or her aura says.

  • Brenda - "Looks Aren't Important, The Forearms Are"

  • Sharon - One word. Butterflies.
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      Posted by Blogger EmployeeMegan on 6:54 PM

      hey, wait! you can't fool me, it's not thursday yet.  

      Posted by Blogger Cory on 8:40 PM

      Ah yes, the old future-post trick to ensure up-to-dateness the next morning. I'd never do that on my blog...

      I like Norma. Unfortunately she doesn't get released until 2012. Which means she prob did something very bad. Probably Jihad. Yep, I think it was Jihad.  

      Posted by Blogger lindsey on 10:08 PM

      you are too much, justin.  

      Posted by Anonymous Jason on 8:37 AM

      i love you blog. I sometimes post stuff from yours on mine, hope ya don't mind, yo stuff is just to funny!  

      Posted by Blogger justin on 1:46 PM

      Whoa, dude.

      Make sure you give me credit.

      That's thievery.  

      Posted by Blogger Reagan on 5:54 PM

      i glanced at this but didn't click on the links then i finally did and now i'm laughing. oh man, women in prison. hilarious.  

      Posted by Anonymous Jason on 7:09 AM

      Credit is always given!!!  

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