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the scariest thing i've ever seen...

I think I need new eyeballs.

Because I just threw my other ones at the computer screen in extreme fright. What can I say? I thought she was coming to get me. As I was first looking at the pic, I did it from left to right and was like, "Hey, me likey very niiiice...wait a sec...DEAR GOD IN HEAVEN!!!" And I totally flipped out of my chair. K.O.'s got that "I'm coming to get you face," she's doing the "fat man in a little coat" routine AND she still reminds me of a penguin. I stand behind all of this.

On the other hand, Lohan is back. Hi-yo.
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Posted by Blogger Meme on 6:11 AM

come on we all do it. we find freakishly ugly friends to hang out with at parties to make us look good. admit it. why, i heard you were hanging out with carrot-top just the other day.  

Posted by Blogger Monkey on 6:16 AM

Oh my. What is the fascination with the black and white clothing? And the goulish vampire mouth?

I don't know why this photo titillates me so.  

Posted by Blogger holly berry on 7:18 AM

Lindsay's boobs WERE real! (It is the first thing you lose when you go on a starvation diet)...hey maybe penguin-girl was getting weight loss tips...  

Posted by Blogger Keith on 9:41 AM

That's a real person? I thought it was a wax statue.  

Posted by Blogger Cory on 3:24 PM

Yes, meme - they're called DUFFS. Designated Ugly Fat Friends.

Also - is Lohan really "back"? Sure, she looks better than she has in months, but still nowhere near as good as she did circa 2003.  

Posted by Blogger Amy on 4:41 PM

sorry, justin.
Lindsay just ain't no holler back girl.  

Posted by Blogger Meme on 6:27 PM

Thanks Cory, I had no idea there was a proper acronym for that.  

Posted by Blogger xanadian on 7:23 AM

what would really break the ugly barrier (like the sound barrier, but ugly) would be kelly osbourne holding the ugly dog from last month.


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