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dude.man.phat. privacy watch: amy smokes, beast has a gigantic head...

Sound the C-list celebrity horn!!! I saw Amy (aka Joey Lauren Adams) and the guy that played Hellboy and Beast in the "Beauty & The Beast" TV show (Ron Perlman) at the Mayfair Market last night. I think they were both buying groceries, which means we have something in common. RIGHT ON!!! JLA was with some scruffy-looking dude and her voice still sounds like she's a 12-year-old with a 4 pack a day cigarette habit. And the Beast's head is freakin' huge. While waiting in line, I think he caught me trying to see how many gallons-of-milk big it was. FYI, it was nearly 2. But, of course, that's just an estimate.
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Posted by Blogger lawkiid on 3:58 PM

YOu were gone so long, I thought your internet threesome 'ended' your short and wonderfully hilarious career...
Thank god you're back... Let the shenanigans continue!!  

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 4:11 PM

I missed u so.  

Posted by Blogger Sonoria on 4:44 PM

Mayfair, eh? So you think you're all high-klass now and everything?


Posted by Blogger justin on 4:52 PM

Luckily...I wasn't buying.  

Posted by Blogger Keith on 8:34 PM

I'm officially jealous... I love Joey Lauren Adams.  

Posted by Blogger Writeprocrastinator on 8:45 PM

"And the Beast's head is freakin' huge. While waiting in line, I think he caught me trying to see how many gallons-of-milk big it was. FYI, it was nearly 2. But, of course, that's just an estimate."

You are *so* wrong, man!

Good to see you back, you've been gone so long I thought those gals sold you off to Richard Simmons.  

Posted by Blogger JB on 4:17 PM


Hellboy was freakin' GREAT. You shoulda gone up and asked Ron how he shaved the horn off.


Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 2:37 PM

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