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everyone wants to rule the elevator (even mischa barton)...

On days like this I am so glad that Al Gore invented the Internets. Because without his enterprising mind power, I could not have just learned how to totally hack an elevator if I don't exactly feel like stopping at every floor:

While some elevators require a key, others can be put into "Express" mode by pressing the "Door Close" and "Floor" buttons at the same time. This sweeps the car to the floor of your choice and avoids stops at any other floor.

You know what? I don't even care if this is true. Just the idea that it might be true makes it AWESOME. For any of my Los Angeles friends who want to find me this evening, I will be trying this out on The Grove's glass elevators. Oh yes. Those. Besides the fact that I see Mischa Barton there 24-7 (I swear I saw her sleeping on the 2nd floor of Crate & Barrel one night), those things make me go all HULK SMASH!! I'm always the one stuck parking on the suck-ass fifth or sixth floors and having to stop at every floor down. AND I'M NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!!! I might even do, like, an evil villain laugh and some cruel pointing on the way down(hack permitting, of course).

p.s. Now, if someone can invent an anti-Mischa Barton-Grove hack, meaning that I could push a button and bypass her all-together, that'd be just grrreat. Mmmkay? Thanks.

p.p.s. Just kidding, I love her and want to have a dozen little Grove-shopping babies together.

(via bloggingla/BoingBoing)
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Posted by Anonymous Neil on 6:39 PM

I think there's going to be a lot of chaos in office buildings around the country tomorrow morning. I'm gonna try it right now in my apartment building. No more stopping for those suckers on the second floor!  

Posted by Anonymous Jon on 6:42 PM

Because of your suggestions, I'm now getting hits on my site from people searching for "monster trucks". I'm not saying this is a bad thing.  

Posted by Blogger kristine on 7:33 PM

i have no immediate elevators at my disposal, so one of you boys had better provide ME with an update about this theory's ability to hold water.  

Posted by Anonymous Hilary on 8:44 PM

I tried this earlier today at my office building. We have Otis elevators and it worked on one but not another. Not sure why.

Then again, our elevators also "talk," so who knows what else they are programmed to do.  

Posted by Anonymous meme on 9:07 AM

I'm so gonna use that with my elevator crush...thanks!  

Posted by Blogger kristine on 11:58 AM

omg, meme! that's PERFECT!  

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 12:42 AM

Ive met them and the people who really know Tara Reid,Mischa Barton,Paris Hilton, and the model IT boy Cory Bernstein all seem to like them. I admit nobody seems to like the bloke Brandon Davis !
people who don't know them and have never met them seem real jealous of them on the Internet. Paris gives alot of money to charity and doesn't publicise it and Cory Bernstein the model gives food and much of his designer wardrobes to the homeless people.I read it in Skyline. Just food for thought since these blogs aren't meant to be serious but I know them from Los Angeles and they're in real life nice people.  

Posted by Blogger justin on 9:03 AM

Thank you Anonymous. I have met them all as well.

And my offer of babies still stands for just Mischa.  

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