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reason enough to see the aristocrats...

I'm not going to go through the plethora of reasons why you should go see The Aristocrats once it comes to your local theater. I'm just going to give you one good (and unique) reason.

On Saturday, I went to see the movie at the world famous Arclight Cinemas. Halfway during the film, three old ladies sitting directly next to me walked the hell out. And this wasn't a "We're going to get some Goobers, we'll be right back" walkout. This was a "I am so offended by what they just said on the screen that I will forget the $12 I paid and walk out of this theater in a fit of rage" walkout. And they did it not 5 minutes in, not 15 minutes in, but at least 45 minutes into the film.

And for what reason? Just because one of the comedians in the film - I believe it was Andy Dick - explained, for the first time I've ever seen in a movie, the definition of the sexual slang phrase "jelly doughnut." Needless to say, it's not your grandmother's type of film. But it's damn funny. Check it out.
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Posted by Blogger kristine on 8:44 PM

could you please define the aforementioned sexual slang phrase? i'm not familiar with the jelly donut.  

Posted by Anonymous Neil on 10:32 PM

Just so we don't stereotype all old ladies, my grandmother had a filthy mouth and could tell a dirty joke with the best of them.  

Posted by Blogger ron on 1:47 AM

Kristine, it's the same as a Strawberry Shortcake. Hope that clears everything up.  

Posted by Blogger kristine on 8:17 AM

no. i'm still confused here.  

Posted by Blogger Avatar on 10:16 AM

THAT offended them? Not the rest of the content of the Aristocrats joke? Jeez... people are weird.  

Posted by Blogger ron on 10:58 AM

It's the same as a Cherry Danish. You gotta know that one, right?  

Posted by Anonymous meme on 3:28 PM

Same thing happened when I saw it the other night in Union Square. They sat next to me quietly for 20 minutes then left. Maybe it was my snorting laugh and hitting them on the arm every 30 seconds.

Come on though, did they not see the reviews?  

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 4:36 AM

What's a jelly doniut/cherry danish etc etc?  

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