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hilary visits dr. potato head dds...

Hilary: Oh my gawsh Doctor Head, I love...

DrPotHead: Hilary, call me Potato.

Hilary: Potato, I love my new veneers. You were so right on for giving me the same size you have for yourself. They're perfect!!!!

DrPotHead: Well, H Duff...may I call you that?

Hilary: OMG, yes!!!

DrPotHead: H Duff, you are a star. A big bright shining star. And like any star, for example, the North Star, you should be able to be seen from far far far away. Your new dental work ensures that.

Hilary: I'm so honored.

DrPotHead: In essence, a person could be lost in the Sahara Desert, look to find you and say, "Okay, I'm here, Hilary Duff's big ass teeth are there...so I need to go...southwest. Thank you Hilary Duff!!" And then they'd give you the Mentos Freshmaker thumbs up or something.

Hilary: OMG times two!! I can't wait to tell my b-f Joel!!

DrPotHead: Oh dear. He seems a little slow. And his blog makes me contemplate Good Charlotticide. It's that bad.

Hilary: I should still tell him, though. Right?

DrPotHead: Hmmm...I'll draw him a picture! He'll understand that.


DrPotHead: Stop that.

Hilary: Okay.
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Posted by Blogger Anonymous Midwest Girl on 9:43 AM

LOL that is fucking hilarious. Preach on, dude.  

Posted by Blogger Avatar on 11:04 AM

I've forgotten what she looked like, and can't seem to find a picture. Help a girl out, will you?  

Posted by Blogger justin on 11:13 AM

Junkfeud's got the before and after.  

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