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if the pope laments in the forest, will he make a sound...

Photog: "Mr. Pope, Sir. Could you please sit facing more towards the trees?"

Pope: "There's trees everywhere. We're in a forest in the mountains."

Photog: "Okay. Towards the trees more down the hill then?"

Pope: "This log bench is terrible."

Photog: "It's all we had to go with. Please continue lamenting."

Pope: "I'm trying. I'm trying. Is this good?"

Photog: "I'm getting more 'reminiscing' than 'lamenting.' I need sadness."

Pope: "Should I be pointing West? Will people know I'm lamenting in that direction?"

Photog: "No pointing. But maybe you should arch your head more that way."

Pope: "Just take the picture. I think they'll get it."

(via Drudge Report)
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Posted by Blogger Paul on 5:45 PM

Photog: It looks like you're grabbing your you-know-what. Can you re-clasp your hands somewhere else?

Pope: Give me thirty more seconds.  

Posted by Blogger justin on 5:51 PM

One dared to go the pope masturbation route.

And it only took a couple of hours.  

Posted by Blogger Cory on 6:29 PM

His hands are at his knees, dude. He's John Ratzinger, not John Holmes.  

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