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dakota fanning still talking bout old crap...

Just when you thought Dakota Fanning couldn't get a bigger head in "the business," she goes and pulls something like bringing a two-month-old issue of Entertainment Weekly that proclaimed her as the "Most Powerful Actress In Hollywood" to her own movie premiere.


Hell, I'd be doing the same thing. I once got all A's in third grade and I'm still carrying around that report card. I don't think it's helped much in my job interviews, but I always hope they recognize the struggles I've been through to keep from losing an 18-year-old piece of paper. Come to think of it, I should really laminate it. Do laminating stores even exist?
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Posted by Blogger Meme on 12:49 PM

you scared me for a minute there..i thought she spawned a double  

Posted by Blogger Betty on 12:50 PM

How the fuck do you think I feel? I work at the Girl Scouts and have to listen to this crap all day. What the fuck and they said we don't align ourselves with stars lest they come out as drug addicts. Apparently the all american little girl in every movie these days is Dakota Fanning, she is the next little drew.  

Posted by Blogger JC on 1:00 PM

i dont even know who she is :)  

Posted by Blogger MichaelPop on 1:58 PM

If you go to Kinko's you can laminate that shit for YO'SELF. It's so much fun!  

Posted by Blogger justin on 2:07 PM

Dude. I'm so there.  

Posted by Blogger Keith on 11:27 AM

She's wearing a Girl Scout uniform to a movie premiere? Why, so she can sell the most cookies in her troop because she'll hit up all the paparazzi?

"Hey, People Magazine! You know you want some Do-Si-Dos."  

Posted by Blogger The Baxter on 2:44 PM

nice..very nice! diggin' the blog.
thank you.

Posted by Blogger Betty on 2:03 PM

Cookie sales aren't until January silly boy. IRS rules.  

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 9:08 PM

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