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muscle & fitness invades "lost"...



Now who saw that coming?? There was actually something in that hatch at the bottom of the ladder. SOME FOREIGN MEATHEAD WITH GUNS!! I went to a concert last night so I had to Tivo it and I just watched it. But dayum. That's much worse than any monster or polar bear. Crap, the guy is stocked with protein shakes, steroids and some kind of creepy MS-DOS program with the computer monitor always on frowny face. Next week, he's probably going to challenge all the survivors to some kind of Ironman triathlon challenge and throw a boulder on the weakest link like in Lord of the Flies. No wonder "the Others" quarantined that dude. I wouldn't want to deal with his Atkins-diet-following, Mama-Cass-listening, let's-build-our-own-personal-Soloflex-out-of-some-bamboo-and-twigs bullshit either. Terrible.

Perfect episode, though. Five stars.
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Posted by Blogger holly berry on 1:52 PM

I ended the episode yelling, "it's the guy from the stadium! IT'S THE GUY FROM THE STADIUM!!!"
I was alone. My neighbours must think I am nuts.
I agree five stars, at least!  

Posted by Blogger Reagan on 4:34 PM

not being someone who watches lost, i have no idea what you're talking about. that being said, why am i even commenting?  

Posted by Blogger justin on 4:36 PM

B/c you obviously enjoyed that picture that I found through Google all by myself.  

Posted by Blogger Helena on 1:51 PM

I was avoiding this entry until today because I hadn't seen it yet.

Now all I have to say is that you shouldn't get down on a dude just because he makes his own kind of music.

Ya know?  

Posted by Blogger Schuyler on 6:22 AM

Just so you know, Justin, this post made it into the Washington Post's Metro Express Blog Update Section last week. Page 49 of on this link. See, I wouldn't lie to you.  

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