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a short public service announcement about drinking/video games...

Please trust me on this. I'm not all about stupid celebrity gossip tidbits. I'm about caring as well. So listen up. Whatever you do, don't let friends drink and play Marble Madness on 8-bit Nintendo. You might think that it's doable, that you can manuever these weird little orbs down a hill and through tubes and over bumps successfully, but it's not. It's downright maddening. Especially when you get down to the place where the rubber hammer thingees start trying to break you. Or the black marble starts being a douche and trying to knock you off for absolutely no reason at all. Or at the end where your marble is all of a sudden in space and paths start disappearing and reappearing again!! WTF indeed. It sucks. So, of course, don't drink and drive. But, also, don't drink, drive and play Marble Madness because it's really really hard. And geeky. But more hard than geeky.
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Posted by Blogger Helena on 12:40 PM

Man, that shit is hard SOBER. I hate falling off a ridge that is, like, NOT EVEN that high and the stupid marble makes that sound and breaks apart. What kind of bullshit is that?!

Man, I'm a huge dork.

Where's something about coke and Kate Moss and H&M?  

Posted by Blogger Alex Blagg on 12:43 PM

you have no idea how much i play this game while intoxicated.  

Posted by Blogger Jenny on 12:49 PM

i still have no idea with this game is about...i think i am the only person i know who knows nothing about gaming...  

Posted by Blogger justin on 1:00 PM

Helena - Who's H&M? It sounds sexy.

Blagg - As much as Bad Dudes?

Jenny - It's about the madness of marbles. It's so simple.  

Posted by Blogger Alex Blagg on 1:27 PM

has anyone gotten past that one level that's just nutso? i can't remember if its four or five. five, i think. by my approximation, stephen hawking on adderall couldn't pass that fucking level.  

Posted by Blogger justin on 1:29 PM

I think you're speaking of the notorious "marbles in space" level. If so, no, I have not.

But I would pay cash money to see Stephen Hawking take it on.  

Posted by Blogger Cory on 4:59 PM

H&M is a clothing store where women go to fight each other over $8 shirts, even though there are 400 of each on the racks.

Seriously, if you're a guy, never let a girl take you there. You might get caught in the crossfire and lose an eye.  

Posted by Blogger Helena on 12:38 AM

Haha! Brilliant. That's the perfect description of H&M.

It's also one of the many companies that has dumped Kate Moss after her recent debacle with the coke.  

Posted by Blogger Lindsay on 10:00 AM

I fucking love Marble Madness! What really creeps me out is when the marble falls from higher ground and cracks and then a giant brush comes and sweeps the debris away. WTF! What sort of drugs were these geeks on when they invented this shit! (And could I have some?)  

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 8:20 PM

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