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FOX continues canceling all TV shows I watch...

To clarify my state of mind, I've been sick the past week and a half and I've been put on a doctor-ordered diet that restricts me from drinking caffiene. So the news that FOX has canceled another show (aka Thursday night's "Reunion") I enjoy comes at a rather unfortunate time. Especially since I just threw my three-hole punch at the empty cubicle right next to mine. Its metal remains erupted into a poof of paper holes that I probably will leave for the cleaning crew to pick up later tonight. I'm way too depressed for such nonsense. I'm going to have to stop watching the network's shows all together. It's like I'm putting all my eggs into the same basket, only to lose the basket weeks later. So I just walk around in a daze with a bunch of eggs, no basket, no idea of where I buy baskets, muttering to myself how "Sliders" was really cool or how "Freaks & Geeks" made me cry with laughter once. It's really upsetting.


must. get. back. caffiene.
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Posted by Anonymous krissy on 4:33 PM

I looooved Sliders. At least, for the first 10 episodes or so. I think I stopped watching after that... ;-)  

Posted by Blogger matt on 4:48 PM

will we ever know who killed samantha?!

and if fox knows what's good for it, it'll ditch amanda righetti from its stable of starlets. she's like poison or something.  

Posted by Blogger justin on 4:50 PM

I'm thinking it's not even one of them. It's the evil husband from Father of The Bride. He's EVIL!!  

Posted by Blogger wonderyak on 5:59 PM

They did the same thing to My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss. So lame. I had to go digging on the internets to find out what happened. Sad.  

Posted by Blogger Keith on 2:04 AM

Maybe if enough people buy it on DVD, it'll return to the airwaves in 3 years.  

Posted by Blogger kristine on 8:32 AM

oh noooo. Aaron was a friend from college and I used his celebrity for traffic on my site, telling stories about how doofy he was (is).

now it's like Fox is cancelling ME. fuckers.  

Posted by Blogger Julie_Gong on 8:57 AM

First Arrested Development now this. I can't belive they cancled reunion not that I really care because I didn't watch it but its the point. Now if they cancle The O.C. some heads are going to roll! And I mean roll!  

Posted by Blogger EmployeeMegan on 10:48 AM

Freaks and Geeks is NBC's fault, Undeclared is Fox's. Travesties both, mind you.  

Posted by Blogger justin on 10:56 AM

True. I guess I just lumped all my hatred onto FOX. Which is still the right thing to do.  

Posted by Blogger Paul on 12:24 PM

First of all, Julie Gong (get it on), Arrested Dev isn't cancelled YET.

As for Sliders -- that was a sad sad day for me. Cause, you know, once it went to Sci-Fi it really just started to suck suck suck.

On the other hand, didn't you feel like Reunion was a little low-budgey? I mean, it was like dress up each week with those kids and their aged-makeup.  

Posted by Blogger justin on 12:37 PM

Let Arrested go, Paul. I have. It will feel better.

As for Reunion, I agree with the low-budget feel. That's what made it so good. It was so cheesy. Their idea of setting an episode in 1987 was playing a few Fine Young Cannibals songs. No production design. Little to no 1987 fashion. Just Fine Young Cannibals.  

Posted by Blogger TheIdleReceptionist on 6:26 AM

This again brings me to shout from the rooftops, "But wait, children! Fear not...surely, "Freddie," "According to Jim," "Jake in Progress," and their ilk shall stem the bleeding and broken hearts that are as such from cancellations of such shows as Freaks and Geeks, Arrested Development and the like.

I mean, there's still "Stacked." What are we even complaining about?  

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 10:38 PM

I was giving the guys at FOX the benefit of the doubt after they did it once, then it happened again and I was very disappointed. When it happened again I was pissed, and now low and behold…they’ve done it again! It just leaves me scratching my head and asking the question … why do they keep canceling good prime time shows half way through the season?

It all started with “Forever Eden.” I got into it and then one day it was gone. At least now I can finish the series on FOX reality. Then there was “Playing It Straight.” It wasn’t going be the next CSI, but it was a pretty funny concept that once again got the axe. When they cut out the successful series “Boston Public” without the dignity of a series finale I was really disappointed in their network. That was a very inspirational and inspiring show for teenagers and adults. I eventually got over the loss of such a great program and moved on.

Then FOX network started to redeem itself. Several seasons went by without any unreasonable cancellations. (I was watching “Point Pleasant”, but that’s one cancellation I won’t contend.) After the “OC” was released I had total faith in them again. It was the “90210” of the new millennium. I was just as excited about the new show “Reunion,” as a matter of fact it was my new favorite show, even beating out CSI and Survivor. I was so into that show that I Tivo’d every episode and never missed a minute. Then one day POOF it’s gone & I find out through the internet gossip that it’s been cancelled.

Now I find myself asking the question, why I should continue to be a loyal FOX viewer when they never even finish out the series that they start? What baffles me even more is the fact that they keep lame programming such as “Prison Break” and “My Big, Fat, Obnoxious Finance” and disregard those with real promise. I’m planning on watching “Skating With The Stars” so if FOX is just going to cancel it half way through then please warn me now so I won’t even waste my time.

I have been a loyal FOX supporter for years and I’m asking them to please reconsider “Reunion” and give all of its fans a chance to at least see who-dun-it!! If they absolutely refuse to consider its followers then they should at least give us information about who the real killer was and if they ever plan to air this program on any other FOX affiliates.  

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