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dirty thoughts about the waffle house...

My List of Things I Miss From The South

10. Cheerwine
9. Gravel roads
8. Hushed puppies
6. Southern accents
5. Bojangles
4. Sweet Tea
3. Seasons
2. The Waffle House
1. My family

The placement of da House on that list should speak volumes about my undying love for it. I remember making my first cross-country trip and picking up the National Waffle House Map on the way. No Waffle Houses in California. Not a single one. I can't even get a friggin' Cracker Barrel in this piece, yo.

Why the love?

From the outside, it looks like any other slophouse, right. Oh no. It's a magical place. So magical I could make a movie about it (of course, Justin and Some Other Guy Go To The Waffle House). It's got charisma oozing out of its grease-soaked pores. Everything smells of smoke. The jukebox has a song called "Don't Touch My Hashbrowns." The waitresses all lived through both World Wars. The menu is a work of art destined for the Louvre. And the food is damn good at 2 a.m. Hashbrowns: scattered, smothered and covered, straight up!!

~This dedication of love was sponsored by this amazing news.
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Posted by Blogger ERL on 3:20 PM

ooooo! i luuuurve waffle house. i used to live in florida, and we would go there drunk at 4am. and there would always be a bunch of really creepy guys staring at us, but we were too drunk to be afraid. sigh.  

Posted by Blogger justin on 3:29 PM

I luuuurve your choice of template design. :)  

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 9:09 AM

Cracker Barrel grits are the sole exception to my standard "Grits? Meh." rule. We'll credit the minimum 1/4lb. of lard injected into each of Cracker Barrel's dishes for their addictiveness...

~ Rachel/subpolka  

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