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between you and me, i knew all along that optimus prime could breakdance!!!

So, everyone's done the Analogia: Star Estimator thing, right? I know. It was the interesting and new thing to play around with about a year ago. But I'm still thinking about it. Why? Because a year ago I was matching up my picture and getting Hugh Jackman. Not bad. Then, last week it was Al Pacino. Huh? Now, I'm getting the three dudes above (one of which I've never seen in my entire life) as my matches?? In conclusion, I'm getting weirder and weirder looking, according to Analogia.

So, I thought, if I look nothing like these stars, who do other stars either look like OR look nothing like? The results (like how everyone looks like Bill Paxton??) were surprising:

Eva Longoria = Michelle Yeoh

Hilary Duff = Daryl Hannah

Michael Jackson =Clint Eastwood

Michael Jackson = Jill Hennessy

Tara Reid = Kelly Bundy

Brad Pitt =Anthony "Goose" Edwards

President Bush = Bill Paxton

ALF!!!! = Ryan Gosling

Max Headroom = Bill Paxton

Spongebob = Liam Neeson

Lindsay Lohan = Yasmine Bleeth (hmm?)

Peter Griffin = Sean Astin

Oscar T. Grouch = Michael Caine

Optimus Prime =Wade Robson

Cartman = Charles Bronson


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Posted by Blogger Assistant Atlas on 10:50 AM

Argh, I can't get it to work. When it says to click in the portrait's right eye, it friggin' won't show me a picture I can click. Dammit. And I wanted to figure out if I really did look like Chad Michael Murray. Suggestions?  

Posted by Blogger justin on 10:52 AM

Just upload your pic.  

Posted by Blogger Assistant Atlas on 11:03 AM

I choose the photo fine, but when I submit, it tells me to click the pics right eye and won't let me go further than that and no preview picture will pop up. I don't have to register to do it, right?  

Posted by Blogger justin on 11:05 AM

No. You don't have to register. You click the right eye. Then the left eye. Then you submit it.  

Posted by Blogger Assistant Atlas on 11:12 AM

No, there are no eyes/pic popping up upon which I can click-- oh, should I have a preview of the pic already open or what? No, that didn't work. I swear to god Justin, normally I'm tech-savvy and not mildly-retarded. Maybe it's the hangover.  

Posted by Blogger kristine on 12:00 PM

yeah, dude. it did that to me too. i had to send my picture to my friend and made him do it.

alf is SO ryan gosling. that's sad.

and, with your random celebrity match-ups, i think the computers are saying that you're 72.9% hot. the mullet guy and pacino kinda lowered your stats.  

Posted by Blogger justin on 12:08 PM

Pacino was scoring chicks even he was playing a blind dude. It's not that bad.  

Posted by Blogger MichaelPop on 1:42 PM

But who's that third guy? Rick "Jesse's Girl" Springfield?

The Tara Reid / Kelly Bundy one is too too perfect.  

Posted by Blogger justin on 4:51 PM

Michael, you look like the guy from Hoobastank. No need to use this.  

Posted by Blogger Jenny on 12:03 AM

Apparently I look like Liv Tyler. Nice.  

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 12:41 AM

I just wanted to say that I've met them and the people who really know Tara Reid,Mischa Barton,Paris Hilton, and the model IT boy Cory Bernstein all seem to like them. I admit nobody seems to like the bloke Brandon Davis !
people who don't know them and have never met them seem real jealous of them on the Internet. Paris gives alot of money to charity and doesn't publicise it and Cory Bernstein the model gives food and much of his designer wardrobes to the homeless people.I read it in Skyline. Just food for thought since these blogs aren't meant to be serious but I know them from Los Angeles and they're in real life nice people.  

Posted by Blogger justin on 9:05 AM

I don't know a lot of model IT guys. They're all really nerdy because they work on computers all day.  

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