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morgan freeman points well, doesn't particularly care for justin timberlake...

Today's Imaginary Rehearsal For The Movie Edison

Morgan: Dare me! Double dare me, Justin Timberlake!

Justin: Morgan, you're out of your mind.

Morgan: I am perfectly sane. I will point at you all day long if I have to.

Justin: Why would you do something like that, huh?

Morgan: Because you're in my movie. And I don't understand how or why!!

Justin: Put it down.

Morgan: No! Why did you break up with Britney? WHY?

Justin: It just happened.

Morgan: That pissed me off. You ruined her life and mine.

Justin: I'm sorry.

Morgan: You know what also pisses me off?

Justin: What?

Morgan: That *NSYNC music video with all the puppets.

Justin: Uh huh.

Morgan: Worst video I've ever seen. I should point you to death. Just for that.

Justin: Are we going to start filming the scene or what?

Morgan: Oh we're already there, man. We're filming a movie called Life. And I'm in it. And you're in it. And guess what?

Justin: What?

Morgan: I hate you.

Justin: I'm sorr...

Morgan: Shut the hell up and go make me a smoothie.

Justin: Yes sir.

Morgan: And march like a penguin. I get a bonus everytime I mention that movie. I was the narrator, you know.

Justin: Yes I...

Morgan: More marching, less talking, Puppet Boy.
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Posted by Blogger Amy on 3:38 PM

Is it just me, or does Justin look extremely white?

I think Morgan must have pointed all the black out of him.  

Posted by Blogger justin on 4:36 PM

Justin's too busy hooking up with hot chicks to go out in the sun.

All Justins have this problem.  

Posted by Blogger Manda on 4:46 PM

You make me laugh when I'm supposed to be teaching.

Seeing your blog referenced on the Best Week Ever blog made me so happy!  

Posted by Blogger Helena on 9:04 PM

I don't know why, but that whole exchange kind of made me hot.  

Posted by Blogger Cory on 11:49 AM

Morgan needs to cheer JT up with a new mix cd.  

Posted by Blogger justin on 11:58 AM

I hear he's too busy laying down hot traxx with DJ Randizzle.  

Posted by Blogger Marmar on 9:22 PM

what if morgan is asking JT to pull his finger?  

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