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in his defense, fort dix does sound like fort dicks...

Today's Imaginary Getty Images Conversation Between Star Jones And Star Jones's Slightly Effeminate Husband Al

Star: Baby, this is great.

Al: Yes. Tender moment.

Star: I'm glad we're sharing it together.

Al: Wait. Where are we again?

Star: At Fort Dix. You know, your brother is leaving for Iraq.

Al: Fort what?

Star: Dix.

Al: Huh?

Star: DIX.

Al: How do you spell that?

Star: D-I-X!

Al: Oh.

(Long silence)

Star: Why are you wearing a track suit?

Al: I was, um, just in a hurry to get here...I guess.

Star: Tender moment.

(Another long silence)

Al: I'm hungry now.

Star: Shhhhhh.
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Posted by Blogger xanadian on 7:13 AM

"Is that anywhere near Fort Nuts?"  

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 9:14 PM

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