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Dance, Edward Scissorhands, dance...

I would see this ballet (which, yes, would make it my 1st ballet) just for the scene in which Edward's friends push him around on stage while he tries to ride his first scooter with scissors. Much more difficult than Running With Scissors, that is. Scootering With Scissors.
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Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 6:05 PM

That can't be safe.  

Posted by Blogger kristine on 8:34 AM

who's the guy running around in his underwear in that scooter shot. i think i'd go see this just for that dude. old, balding man in underwear dances? SOLD.  

Posted by Blogger Julie_Gong on 8:50 AM

Are you even serious? I mean its amazing that someone could ride on a scooter with scissorhands but they made this film into a ballet. Whats next Super Trooper ballet. Wow but I would totally go and see this. Glad your back!  

Posted by Anonymous ParenthetiGal on 9:03 AM

who's playing big hand eddie? looks like kevin bacon in the first snap and jim carrey in the second. do i dare to dream?  

Posted by Blogger holly berry on 2:22 PM

I would TOTALLY go see the "Super Troopers" ballet...in a HEARTBEAT!

I can just see it, kick, kick, lunge, suck back syrup, leap.  

Posted by Blogger justin on 2:29 PM

Enough with this Super Troopers ballet nonsense.

No, really. Stop it right meow.  

Posted by Blogger Fun Joel on 12:18 PM

Awesome. Can't wait for this to make its LA debut. We can have a dude.man.phat. field trip to the ballet!  

Posted by Blogger justin on 12:20 PM


yes i will.  

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