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dude.man.phat. privacywatch: L.C. & Jason from Laguna Beach...

I saw L.C. and Jason from MTV's "Laguna Beach" walking through the 4th floor of the Grove parking structure last night. The 12-year-girl inside of me thought it was a totally awesome D-list celebrity sighting. Especially since Jason is such a humongous dingleberry with no social skills and a artificial beard (it doesn't grow, ever!). She was, of course, driving him around in her white GMC Yukon because he probably realized that his Shriner's clown car isn't nearly as cool as he thinks it is. And when they got to the parking attendant, manwhore Jason got out of the car and went over to kiss her, right in front of L.C. It was so scandalous.

Okay, everything but that last part. But it could have happened. The only thing I kept wondering is if they always drive that gas-guzzling monster to the Grove. Because, you know, L.C. lives at the Palazzio right across the street (I knowed where you live, girl!). I bet she wanted to walk and he was too lazy. I hate him. And his fake drawn-on beard.
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Posted by Anonymous Hilary on 2:29 PM

I saw Jason in Macys at the Bev Cen. Just had to share.  

Posted by Blogger justin on 2:43 PM

Was his beard delicately drawn?  

Posted by Blogger Hilary on 3:48 PM

But of course.

BTW, have you ever hired a personal trainer at the gym? If so, did you like him/her?  

Posted by Blogger Cory on 3:25 PM

She lives at the Villas yo. Represent, and other such terms.  

Posted by Blogger justin on 3:30 PM

Damn it. That's what I meant. I always get those two places mixed up.  

Posted by Blogger TheIdleReceptionist on 6:22 AM

D-List Celeb sightings are hot.

I took up an entire entry about seeing Deebo from "Friday."  

Posted by Blogger namby_pamby on 3:44 AM

hehe wow! u'z liv such excitin lives, gud on ya mates.  

Posted by Blogger Diana on 2:11 PM

lauren me parece una chica genial, tiene clase a diferencia de kristin y en cuanto a jason, es un chico lindo y deberia darle la oportunidad...la verdad prefiero Jason y no a steven q lo unico q hace es jugar con las personas...es un indeciso!!...madura steven...y sabes lauren deberias conseguirte un niƱo super lindo para q se lo restriegues a Steven y no te haga sufrir mas!!  

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