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Sniffing glue is the new whatever...

This is one of today's most viewed/emailed photos on Yahoo. Most people won't even get past the model's hind quarters to read the surprising caption:

A model parades in front of street children, some of whom are sniffing glue, in the drug-infested 'Barrio Triste' (Sad Neighborhood) in downtown Medellin in Colombia November 7, 2005. The event was organised to entertain the children by a member of a local charity that helps children in Barrio Triste by providing food, clothes and cleaning facilities.

Finally, a charity I can get behind. (Rim shot) Get it? Okay, not funny. But neither is the fact that these poor children have to sniff glue during the naked model charity runway show to enjoy it. That's just terrible. Almost as terrible as this...

When "The Tony Danza Show" first premiered back in September 2004, I bet one of my friends here in L.A. that Tony would have a "Who's The Boss" reunion on the show within the year. You know, as the lastest last resort to get ratings. Well, guess friggin what?

Yep, that douchehole just lost me five dollars by going a year and almost two months! So today, like every day, is No, Really, I Don't Care That Much For Tony Danza Day.

And, lastly, I want to bid a blegh farewell to the fast food sandwich that makes me throw up just to look at it: The McRib. Now, if McDonald's can stop confusing me by establishing some kind of regular double drive-thru window procedure, I'd be happier. The Taco Bell's first window has a lady whose sole job is asking what kind of sauce you want. She doesn't even give it to you. She just asks and punches in the data for the second window lady to give it to you. I'm thinking McDonald's needs something as worthless as Sauce-Choice-Lady. Cause she makes me smile. Maybe they could hire the glue-sniffing-kids from above to hand out straws in the first window? Then that would combine uselessness and charity, my two most favoritest things. Actually, someone in charge should hire me, just for that idea.
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Posted by Blogger Jonathan on 8:58 PM

Someone should tell Judith Light that putting her hand there won't do anything for Danny.  

Posted by Blogger justin on 10:25 PM

Pintauro likes it.  

Posted by Blogger Jonathan on 10:30 PM

A hand is a hand, I guess.  

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 11:42 PM

i'd already checked on the Tony Danza thing...they've been on that show like a million times already because he can't get any other guests.


Posted by Blogger Donna Grayson on 12:00 AM

Well, Tony Danza should get out of this show, all that he can. 'Cause we all know it won't last ... He'll be canceled before we know it.  

Posted by Anonymous HOmade on 3:42 AM

Ummm...where are the kids sniffin' glue? I'm not seeing any.  

Posted by Blogger the belligerent intellectual on 1:43 PM

That is EXACTLY how I described the McRib sandwich to my friends once. The sandwich that makes me want to vommit just by looking at it. Seriously, they could have marketed it that way and everyone would have said, "Yeah, I see that."  

Posted by Blogger Todd Jones on 9:26 PM

doesn't hiring models to "entertain" the children sound kind of shady? like maybe they put some half naked women on a runway and passed out glue so no one would notice while they were robbing the bank behind that bus?  

Posted by Anonymous nic on 7:14 AM

SOMEbody's sniffin' glue, dudeman, but it's no one in that photo. I can't see em', either. Maybe a kid on the bus?  

Posted by Blogger justin on 9:44 AM

Are you calling Yahoo Caption Writer Person a liar??  

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 10:35 PM

Obviously these guys do not have a ‘glue’, just check the guy on a red shirt and if you look other picture on the report you will see more.


Posted by Blogger -san.kie- on 4:58 PM

Hey it looks just like the Ribwich from the Simpsons, you know the insanely addictive one that Homer loved so he almost did not go and see Lisa at the spelling competition. Just like.  

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