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mystery of paris hilton & domino's pizza delivery guy...

Forget Paris Hilton and her slutty bunny outfit. Been there, done that. Forget Nicky's green-whatever-that-is. Really. I don't know what it is and it pales in comparison to slutty bunnies. I want to know about the other costume found in this picture: namely, Domino's Pizza Delivery Guy.

How did the costume of Domino's Pizza Delivery Guy come to exist?

A) Does Paris have a male friend that she doesn't have sex with? If so, did he decide to be be Domino's Pizza Delivery Guy for Halloween? And, uh, why?

B) Did Paris hire a dude to follow her around as Domino's Pizza Delivery Guy just in case she got hungry at moments throughout the night's proceedings? If this is the truth, why isn't she this brilliant more often?

C) When they see celebrities on their delivery routes, could there be some real pizza delivery guys that Voltron quickly into paparazzi members? If so, do they have a pizza box that they always keep in their truck that flips open to reveal a camera (sort of like Banderas did in Desperado with his gun)? If all of this is true, could there be a demand for a pizza that takes pictures? Don't laugh. The technology has to be there.

D) Did this pizza delivery guy just get caught in the slutty bunny paparazzi crossfire? And, considering this was the same outfit Paris wore to the Playboy Halloween party, where the hell are they? Walking up the driveway? Who ordered a pizza to the Playboy party? Hef has to have food flowing through that thing, right? More importantly, is that how I can finally get in there? Pose as Domino's Pizza Delivery Guy? Don't make me get a part-time job for this. Because I will. This should have been letter A.

E) Why does Domino's Pizza Delivery Guy look so unhappy? Doesn't he know he's standing next to a slutty bunny? And Green-Whatever-That-Is-Girl? Me, I can't even hold a pizza and look that unhappy. So I'm confused.
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Posted by Blogger Grubber on 5:21 PM

He has to be the bodyguard, and he thought instead of one of those reverse bum bag handgun concealer things, that everyone knows conceals the pistol, he would outsmart them all, and hide his pistol in the pizza box, and walk along looking all innocent like, before whipping out his Walther PPK Calzone screaming "freeze Mutherf*&^%$s".

However, his lack of experience shows through, everyone knows that to remain that skinny, it has been at least 6 years since Paris even came that close to a pizza box, let alone eating it.

She is normally more high-protein, rather than a high-carb diet girl anyway, or so her exercie video shows.

So, his not so carefully considered plan is a flop, and has been exposed by da man, dude.man.phat!!!
(PS love the blog!)  

Posted by Blogger justin on 5:41 PM

We'll let that be letter F then.  

Posted by Blogger Jonathan on 5:47 PM

How do you know she's not having sex with him? Maybe she has a hockey/pizza fetish, like Wayne Gretzky on ProStars.  

Posted by Blogger justin on 5:49 PM

Thanks Jonathan.

Now...let me borrow some of your puke.

I just ran out.  

Posted by Blogger AJ Gentile on 10:03 PM

If I had a twin brother, I would totally go at the Little Ceaser's guy.

Trick or Trick or

Treat Treat  

Posted by Blogger Keith on 8:53 AM

Dude, anyone would be that unhappy if they were forced to be in such close proximity to Paris Hilton.  

Posted by Blogger catlebrity on 7:59 PM

Justin -- I think you're on to something here!

There remain several other questions about that fateful night:


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