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"Nip/Tuck" is starting to kick major ass...

Holy crap. I know I was a day late on seeing the newest episode of what is undoubtedly one of the top 3 shows on TV (behind "24" and "Lost"), but daaaayum. The last couple of episodes have been, you know, so-so. But Tuesday night's entry might have been the best hour of TV this year. No doubt. The double-shot (or could it be just a single??) of villainry from the Carver and Quentin Costa must be commended. And adding Brittany Snow as a racist girlfriend to Matt? Very uh huh. If you're not watching it, you're missing out.

p.s. This entry was specifically written just to be sounding board on who the damn Carver is. Let's track this dude/chick down, CSI-stizz.
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Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 1:13 PM

It's Costa.

It's got to be.  

Posted by Anonymous Kealeen on 1:33 PM

No way, I say Liz or Julia.  

Posted by Blogger justin on 1:56 PM

Julia would be waaaay out of bounds.  

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 2:09 PM

Quentin is too obvious of a choice.  

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 2:12 PM

Annie McNamara.

She's been, like, MIA for weeks.  

Posted by Blogger leslie on 3:45 PM

The most least likely person and therefore my guess is Kimber.  

Posted by Blogger dearlesley on 4:55 PM

U know..I thought it was actually the trannie Ava at first but its obv Quentin.....he wasn't invited to the wedding so prime opportunity for him to abduct the weird looking Kimber. After being straigt played after his twisted bedside manner with the totally screwed soldier...he wanted to take out his frustrations on his victim. He's a weird one. Bet he can't wait to have another go at Christian....  

Posted by Anonymous Krissy on 10:31 PM

UGH! I STILL haven't gotten to see it, Mr. I-fell-asleep-with-the-ep-on-pause!

Oh, and don't delete The O.C., por favor! I missed it (yes again)!


Posted by Blogger Assistant Atlas on 11:38 PM

Agreed. And also, I nominated "Gangs of Souplantation" for the Urbs. I knew you'd be jazzed. And it has to be Costa because you seriously, he exhibits all the characteristics of the psychological profile I developed for my imaginary FBI on the Carver.  

Posted by Anonymous Carly on 10:38 AM

THANK YOU! I absolutely adore this show, and it constantly surprises me how many people aren't watching it.

Carver... I think Quentin is too obvious, unless he's an accomplice of some sort. I've seen compelling arguments that it's Liz, but my train of thought is Bobolit.  

Posted by Blogger Nip/Tuck Fanatic on 2:38 PM

Now you're in my neighborhood! Check out my Nip/Tuck Fanatic Blog! I was dead-set on Quentin about a month ago but now I am thinking that two people are in on it. The Carver knows too many things to be someone that isnt an immediate character or that isnt working with one of the immediate characters! Great Blog Dude!  

Posted by Blogger The Drunken Ninja on 4:26 PM

You are all fools! The Carver is the grey haired detective who is always bringing up those "special" cases to Sean. He helped Sean set up a trap for the Carver at his place last season, he wasn't at the wedding, and he even made that comment to Christian when he found out that Kimber ditched him..."I didn't think that sort of thing happened to guys like you." Think about it, as a detective he would have the tools for breaking and entering homes and be able to easily dispose of any evidence at the crime scenes.

It's either him...or Joan Rivers.  

Posted by Blogger justin on 4:33 PM

It might be Gina, the AIDS chick. Or the girl who puts the bag on her head. She's my new favorite character.  

Posted by Anonymous shirily on 11:10 PM

haha the bag lady. i love her.

and god, how much do i hate that nazi chick. and matt, what an odious little man.  

Posted by Anonymous claressa on 10:37 PM

someone mentioned kimber... can't be kimber. i'm thinking costa or the detective. i just want to know for sure!  

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 4:46 PM

Listen. It is Costa.. He may have someone helping but it is him.. Do you remember the episode when he and sean was at the frat house getting ready to do those chicks. do you remember the grunting sounds he made? Well that was the key.. Do you rmember the grunting sounds that the carver made when he took Christians a@#.. The same MO..And then when he and christian was on the bed getting ready to make kimber and the vice cop..he touched christian on the a@#. and christian got pissed. and costa thought that christian had been turned out by him (COSTA(THE CARVER)) when he took his A@# from him.. The Vice cop might be involved but it is Costa.. And if it was a strap on. Christian would have known.. He was able to tell that Ava wasnt a real woman when he was making her! And it couldnt be Julia or Gina.. They were both at the wedding. Setting on a bench waitng for the wedding to start.. THe only one not present was COsta.. And it is not kimber. Because we all know that she is be held against her will by the carver.. So what do you think?  

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 8:18 PM

I think it is either Matt, his crazy new girlfriend, or the he/she Matt was so in love with.  

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