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tom sizemore advocates environmental eye injuries, mentally retarded tissue donations and childhood depression due to lyme disease...

I'm really not up to snuff on all the awareness bracelets and the colors and what they mean. I do know that yellow usually stands for cancer. That's it.

At his latest court hearing, Tom Sizemore, who also advocates beating the hell out of all hooker madam girlfriends (currently without a bracelet color), wore a green bracelet. Does he advocate The Hulk? Slime? The Packers?

Just because I'm a Tom Sizemore fan (of his cinematic endeavors), I took about 30 seconds out of my day and found out what a GREEN awareness bracelet can stand for:

Bone Marrow
Childhood Depression
Eye Injury
Genocide in Darfur(Sudan)
Kidney Cancer
Kidney Transplant
Kidney Disease
Lyme Disease
Mental Retardation
Organ Donation
Tissue Donation
Worker Safety

What a Debbie Downer he's become. There's nothing remotely funny about any of these!! Why can't anyone ever advocate something humorous? Like polarbear alcoholism? Or paraplegic ice dancing? What if, knock on wood, I were to go into unicorn withdrawal?? No one's got my back? Damn. I think about stuff like this when I'm waiting for my Foreman Grill to heat up.

(Info via Awareness Depot)
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