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kevin federline is decidedly not jesus...

Sorry, Kev. For doing that pose, you just might be going to Hell. Despite his recent mainstream success in films like Passion of the Christ, only Jesus can truly be Jesus. Also, while we're on the subject:

-Jesus wouldn't wear only wifebeaters. He'd switch it up.

-Jesus definitely wouldn't be a Yankees fan. I'd see him more as rooting for the Royals(since they're terrible (common for them) but they try real hard!)

-Jesus didn't have socks with his sandals. Even Jesus would call that stupid.

-Jesus knew how to use his belt. It was more of a rope but he worked it.

-Hey, you've got the hair. That's something. Right?


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Posted by Blogger JJ on 11:51 AM

If only I had been raised more of a toothless hillbilly, I really could have scored hard on the chicks. Oh well.  

Posted by Blogger Rachel on 2:02 PM

So many crimes against fashion to condemn...and yet I find myself unable to get past his off-centered belt buckle.

Christ(/K-Fed), that's annoying.  

Posted by Blogger Jenny on 11:54 PM

I have seen numerous pics of him with socks and flip flops. What in the hell would make him do that? When the f**k did this become fashionable?  

Posted by Blogger mz.nazty on 5:27 PM

i call 3some with jesus and this strange man, jus to get his clothes off!! =)  

Posted by Blogger justin on 5:47 PM

Threesomes with Jesus?


Posted by Blogger Adi on 5:22 AM

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