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eva longoria makes an unfortunate face after dining with a.c. slater...

So Eva Longoria was caught hanging with A.C. Slater, again. Whatever. I don't really care. I don't even care that Slater's carrying a Ralphs grocery bag out of a posh sushi joint like Nobu. Minor faux pas, I guess. What I do care about, in a funny-like-a-clown-way, is when a celebrity's hand movements/facial gestures, intentional or not, make me thing of things. Namely, porn.

Let's just say, for the sake of discussion, that Eva and A.C. are friends. So they say their goodbyes last night after dinner and Eva goes to her car, only to be assaulted by paparazzi who live in the alley with Trash Heap behind Nobu.

"Eva!! Eva!! Look over here," they say. "Are you and A.C. Slater friends, more than friends or like first cousins who hug and make out occasionally?"

And then she turns to the camera and does this:

Wait a sec? Is she...doing...the universal sign of friendship?

-Make an 'o' with your dominant hand, as though you were holding a bat, or another cylindrical object. Use your imagination. (check)
-Hold your hand in front of your similarly 'o' shaped mouth, as though you were inserting that forementioned cylindrical object into your mouth. (check)
-Make a couple of quick, back-and-forth motions with your hand as though Turning Japanese. (i'd have to look back at the video tape for this, but, hey whatever, check)

This concludes my admittingly immature day.
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Posted by Blogger Meme on 10:46 AM

i believe it is also required that she push her cheek out with her tongue repeatedly  

Posted by Blogger justin on 10:49 AM

You're right. They forgot that.

Useful sign language my ass!!  

Posted by Blogger xanadian on 12:32 PM

look at the distance from her hand to her mouth, though.


A. C. just made me envious. Now I know why I keep getting those spam e-mails...  

Posted by Blogger The Drunken Ninja on 5:52 PM

The A.C. stands for Albert Clifford.  

Posted by Blogger Paul on 5:03 PM

I think she just has some kind of weird hand/eye/cheek facial tick.  

Posted by Blogger Helena on 5:17 PM

Trash heap? Awesome.  

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