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i want everyone to know that it took me more than a month to write this 101 random things about me meme...

In an effort to stop the emails (mostly from my grandmother, who seems to be a little obsessed with email forwards), as well as to let everyone know a little bit more about me, I have finally done it. I've finished one of those meme things. Sooo, let's kick the tires and light the fires:

1. I grew up in pretty much the same hometown as Fantasia Barrino.
2. The only food I loathe is egg salad.
3. I ride with my cell phone under my leg on vibrate so that I know if someone calls me over the loud music I play while I drive.
4. My favorite movie as a kid was The Goonies. I watched it so much that the VHS copy actually broke one day when my little brother was playing it. So I put him in the dryer and wouldn't let him out.
5. I've seen Aladdin, The Little Mermaid AND Beauty and the Beast - ALL in their Disney On Ice versions.
6. My favorite place to eat in LA is a Mediterranean food "hole in the wall."
7. I joined Myspace because of gang pressure. Add me and we'll be best Myspace buddies. Seriously. Do it. It'll be awesome.
8. Sometimes I just get an extreme urge to play Rollerball.
9. I once got a haircut at a hotel in Vegas and didn't remember any of it.
10. Someday I'm going to buy a Slip 'N Slide and spend forever finding the proper grassy area for it.
11. I think one of my windshield wipers wipes improperly. And, to tell you the truth, it's really freaking me out.
12. My 2nd favorite Corey/Corey movie is Dream A Little Dream. I even have the soundtrack With Richard Marx's "Rock On" on tape.
13. My favorite word is fiduciary.
14. I keep drinking Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper and I can't stop.
15. This site is my new favorite music site.
16. I didn't have a sweet sixteen party like those girls on MTV. I had mine at a bowling alley.
17. My favorite Atari game was Pitfall. But I was horrible at jumping over the lake with the alligator heads.
18. Rememember #14? Since writing that, I've gotten another DCVDP.
19. I worry that this blog has become too gossipbloggy.
20. I can't stand Kelsey Grammer.
21. I've had the same alarm clock since I was 12.
22. My favorite current band is The Black Keys.
23. I wish I could clone myself to comment on blogs I like more.
24. I still quote from Multiplicity and I don't know why.
25. "Hey Steve. Want some more pizza, Steve?"
26. See? Who would get that anyway?
27. I've lost three cell phones in the past year.
28. As a kid, I was extremely good at foosball. Now? Not so much.
29. In college, I flew out to LA and got wasted - all on Steven Speilberg's tab.
30. I don't mind bugs. I don't mind snakes. But I HATE rats.
31. I still have a portable CD player in my car.
32. This CD is currently in that player.
33. As a kid, my faves on TV were "Dukes of Hazzard" and Nickelodeon (especially "You Can't Do That On Television" and "Double Dare.")
34. If LA folks haven't been to the Museum of TV & Radio in Beverly Hills, you should. You can watch ANY TV SHOW you want!! It's amazing.
35. My dad used to look like Steven Seagal. So, as a kid, we'd go to restaurants and sometimes get VIP seating.
36. I'm on a huge cantaloupe kick of late.
37. Remember that song "Cantaloop?" That song was awesome.
38. My current favorite TV show is "24."
39. I have the cheapest ice trays imaginable in my freezer.
40. My neighbors must think I'm an extremely violent person b/c of #39.
41. I've always driven a Ford vehicle. In hindsight, a terrible idea.
42. When eating at a restaurant, I prefer sitting facing the door. Just in case of a fire. Or, you know, an asteroid.
43. I blame all of my childhood cavities on Skittles.
44. My senior year of high school, I had two Beta fish named G Love and Special Sauce. When I left for college, I had my grandmother take care of them. Her one instruction was that she had to talk to them using their proper names. That was fun.
45. One of my "Blind Date" activities would have to involve juggling knives.
46. I once completely obliterated half my face in 2nd grade b/c I pretended I was Superman jumping off of a swing set.
47. I've attended six monster truck rallies in my lifetime.
48. I always have too many condiments in my fridge.
49. The first movie I remember seeing in a theater was "Gremlins."
50. Over our on-air announcements, I once gave away my high school media center's globe in a fake contest. For that, I received a Saturday detention.
51. I need to start bringing up "onomatopoeia" more in everyday conversation.
52. I wish I was a tad bit shorter so it'd be easier to find pants.
53. Re: #52, The Big & Tall store should be called Fat & Tall instead.
54. I always seem to sit next to or behind babies on airplanes.
55. I once dated a woman eight years older than me that I had met on an airplane. (She did not have a baby. Or so she told me.)
56. No matter how hard I try, I can never stop saying "y'all."
57. In college, my basketball nickname was Arvydas Sabonis.
58. I wish I would have stayed for a fifth year.
59. My favorite Cold Stone flavor is Peanut Butter Cup Perfection.
60. I've never seen one episode of any CSI.
61. I have a problem wearing watches.
62. I always have a feeling that someone at Bank of America is pulling the Office Space/Superman 3 scam on me.
63. I once gave Topanga from "Boy Meets World" a beer at a party.
64. A little Bahamian boy stole a picture of my girlfriend when I showed it to him on my college sophomore-year Spring Break.
65. Little Bahamian boys are fast runners.
66. The best concert I've ever been to was The Rolling Stones in 1997.
67. I've seen both New Kids On the Block AND Billy Ray Cyrus in concert.
68. My mom used to always buy me Bugle Boys shirts as a kid. I hated that.
69. In college, "dude man phat" was what my friends or I would say when things were really cool.
70. Often, I think I should have chosen a more memorable blog title.
71. I've used 12% of my Gmail account.
72. My favorite actor is Bill Murray.
73. If I see a Super K-Mart, I have to go to see how Super it really is.
74. It never seems to be Super enough.
75. I miss fireplaces with real wood.
76. I like to go to Home Depot and ring all the doorbells.
77. One day, I'm going to break down, buy a bunch of sheets and build a fort in my apartment.
78. Since I live in a studio, though, it'll be a small fort.
79. My favorite karaoke song is "Total Eclipse of the Heart."
80. I don't like regular cake that much but I LOVE ice cream cake.
81. I won "Best Sense of Humor" in high school but actively campaigned for "Best Dressed."
82. I currently have three fantasy football teams (Your Mom, Big Fat Mofos and Turd Ferguson).
83. This is the last meme I will ever do.
84. My favorite writer is John Steinbeck.
85. My first real job was working at a video store.
86. I'm taller than my current shower head.
87. Even though my girlfriend loves them, I hate Swiffer WetJet mops.
88. I seem to use paper towels in the place of napkins.
89. When I call my grandparents, I like to pretend I'm a telemarketer.
90. I usually use the name Leroy.
91. I hate using three hole punches because the holes, for some reason, always seem to fall on me.
92. I have only one scar and it's on my arm from punching a window.
93. Even though people say it will ruin the aura, I still want to go to "Sesame Street."
94. I also want to be a contestant on "Press Your Luck."
95. One of my favorite movies this year has to be Kung Fu Hustle.
96. I took karate as a kid but never got past white belt.
97. My college screenwriting professor wrote Fatal Beauty.
98. That movie was terrible but I told him I liked it.
99. I wish I knew more people who knew sitcom writers.
100. If "Arrested Development" is canceled this year, I will cry.
101. I want to buy a samurai sword but I'm afraid to put it in my apartment.
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Posted by Blogger leslie on 3:02 AM

2 things - swiffer wet jets don't get things clean enough for my taste, they leave a weird residue, so I feel you on the antiswiffer sentiment. secondly, thanks for the cell phone/driving tip, i never hear my phone when i'm in the car because i'm busy playing loud music and singing along like i'm a superstar. because i am a superstar.  

Posted by Blogger Keith on 9:23 AM

I keep my phone in my pocket on vibe/ring so I can feel it ring as well when I'm blasting music in the car.

I wonder if the Museum of Television & Radio has last week's episode of Lost that I missed because the cable went out...  

Posted by Blogger The Everglades on 10:12 AM


I think you have the coolest blog. Your 101 things about you make me sound like your clone. I have a Goonies poster hanging above my headboard, and I'm 24. I am also a fan of Corey/Corey and all the other things you mentioned. I think it is scary how similar we are. I don't mean to freak you out, it was just like I was reading my own blog when I randomly found yours. Keep it up because I'm wildly entertained by your writing and the content you choose to talk about. Awesome blog.


Posted by Blogger Manda on 10:13 AM

I admit it, I love Mulitplicity. I mean come on, with classic lines like:

Steve - I'm gonna buy you something
Clone - A Chainsaw?
Steve - Or a book...

My roommate and I still quote that movie all the time.  

Posted by Blogger justin on 10:21 AM

Leslie - Re: Swiffer Wet Jets, THAT'S WHAT I SAID!!!

Keith - Call them. They probably have it.

Blake - Dude. It's just like The Island. I'm taking your liver.

Manda - "My life's a shambles. I need pie." I can go on for days.  

Posted by Blogger Meme on 10:44 AM

there's only one meme everyone should be doing.  

Posted by Blogger Mary Mo on 11:14 AM

You know, I used to call my mother all the time and tell her she'd won a free manicure. Being that she's my mother, shouldn't she have recognized my voice?

Anyhoo, the 101 things were hilarious. I have to say that one of my not so secret movie obsessions... Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  

Posted by Blogger Amy on 3:49 PM

you totally denied my friend request. thanks!  

Posted by Blogger Jenny on 4:33 PM

how tall is your shower head?  

Posted by Blogger Kelditty on 6:32 PM

girlfriend? I thought you were gay. sorry.  

Posted by Blogger justin on 7:00 PM

Meme - Mmmhmm.

Mary Mo - The scene in TMNT 2 where they bust in on the Vanilla Ice concert might be the best scene ever put on film.

Amy - Did not.

Jenny - About 6 ft?

Kelditty - Nope. Not gay. Huge surprise, I know.  

Posted by Blogger Hilary on 8:59 PM

I know someone who was on Situation: Comedy. Does that help?  

Posted by Blogger Julie_Gong on 6:47 AM

The "Out of 5" music site you mentioned(#15) does the music ever change or is always the same music? Just thought I'd ask. I enjoy the current music on the covers that eclipsed the originals but now I'm hooked and want more!  

Posted by Blogger Page Buckley on 7:07 AM

You're very brave and have a helluva sense of humour to be that open. And I'm with you on the ice cream cake. Normal cake is so overrated. Cool blog.  

Posted by Blogger Avatar on 10:33 AM

//I keep my phone in my pocket on vibe/ring so I can feel it ring as well when I'm blasting music in the car.//

See, I just sit on mine. I love it when people call me.

I've been blogging for 3 years, and I STILL haven't done the 101 things meme. Beat THAT!  

Posted by Blogger Cory on 3:31 PM

Hilarious list, but...

John Steinbeck? Did you ever read "The Red Pony"?


Posted by Blogger justin on 4:11 PM

Don't fight it, Cory.

You loved "The Red Pony." You love "My Little Pony." And ponies in general.  

Posted by Blogger Nanette on 3:41 PM

I shouldn't read your blog at work. I'm cracking up in my cube and am probably going to get in trouble. Then you'd be able to add #102 to your list - My blog once got a girl fired.  

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 8:11 PM

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