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"price is right," coffee and painkillers...

Has anyone ever drank a bunch of coffee and taken some painkillers? Because that's what I just did and I think I watched an entire episode of "Price Is Right" at my cubicle. I did. I just zoned out and focused on nothing but Bob and his bevy of beauties for 60 whole minutes. I didn't even take a bathroom break. I just sat here and got all caught up in the drama. And I noticed certain things that one might only notice if they're hopped up on coffee/painkillers and watching a "PIR" episode:

  1. The showmodels are better actresses than I thought. One of them just went from showing some office furniture (wearing office attire) to showing a snowmobile by putting on a winter coat over her office attire. But she sold it because I believed she was snowmobiling through the chilly Alps. What did she do? She did the "brrrr" body movement.
  2. What if someone spun the big wheel so hard and so fast that it came unhinged and rolled down into the audience?? Would that not totally freakin' rule?? It's probably made of plastic. I'd take one for the team and stand in front of the audience to protect them if that happened.
  3. While many have their favorite of the Plinko game, I still love the Punch-a-Bunch game. Mostly because of the whole punching thing. But also because I'd hope that they'd give me the real money as well as the huge fake money with Bob's face on it. So I could take it into a bank and try to cash it. My bank tellers are Russian. I bet they'd do it.

  4. I also like the Cliffhanger Game. Not enough people actually yodel along with the music while the guy is climbing, though. That should be a required part of the game. And I would be that one guy to make a bunch of funny faces because that's what I think the producers are going for when they put your face in the silhouette thingee.
  5. I would totally lick Bob's anorexic microphone if I got my name called up there. Just to see how he'd react. I've never seen someone do that and someone's got to before he dies.

When I first came to LA, I actually attended a taping of "PIR" with a group of friends. I think we ended up standing in line for like 10 hours. It was excrutiating. But I wore a really bright yellow t-shirt that said "Hi Mom" and my mom saw me on TV and told all her friends. So it was worth it. But I wouldn't do it again. Unless I had a huge gang of 100 or so friends where we all wore the same t-shirt. Or maybe we'd all wear business suits?? That would be kinda cool. To be truthful, I just want to be the guy that says, "One dollar, Bob!" Then I would go to my seat and let an old grandma take my place. Seriously. That would be the best part.

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Posted by Blogger Kat in da Hat on 12:50 PM

many things are better with coffee and painkillers.  

Posted by Blogger ASBO on 12:59 PM

I third that emotion! It's the coming down that sux!  

Posted by Blogger justin on 1:02 PM

I need Red Bull now.  

Posted by Blogger Neil on 10:17 PM

Just a little info for LA tourists coming to see Bob Barker: I was in the bagel shop across the street from CBS where they film it and the bagel guy will sell you a funny shirt to wear on the show. Please remember me if you win a Winnebago.  

Posted by Blogger justin on 9:50 AM

Neil, Neil.

(shakes head)  

Posted by Anonymous Bill on 1:39 AM

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