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worst cankle tatoo ever...

Must. Resist. Laughter. While. In. Office.

Yeah, I designed it myself. My mom helped me out with combining them. I wanted nsync and friends because they both helped me through a really rough time in my life, and the yinyang symbolizes peace which hopefully I will have now, and the circle because its forever It was $80.

Three. More. Hours. Might. Not. Make. It.
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Posted by Blogger nativelatina on 3:54 PM

What does the top part say?  

Posted by Blogger justin on 4:16 PM

Top part - N*Sync

Bottom - Friends  

Posted by Blogger Avatar on 12:22 PM

People can be so fucking stupid sometimes.  

Posted by Blogger AJ Gentile on 2:08 PM

Please post the link to this guy so we can give him his due ridicule.

How does the tattoo artist not up and punch this loser right in the mouth?  

Posted by Blogger Amy on 1:45 PM

this is actually a woman's leg.

yeah, you can go ahead and throw up now.  

Posted by Blogger Nanette on 11:06 PM

I'm going to vomit now...  

Posted by Blogger Helena on 12:41 PM

I'm just thinking about how hard a time in your life you must be having when NSync and Friends "really help" you through it.  

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 8:08 PM

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