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guess what? i just saved money on my car insurance...

This is simultaneously the best and worst example of Photoshop skills I have ever seen. From this point on, I will just think that the banner above really said that. And that each one of those lucky girls will be in attendance at the 25th birthday celebration this evening. Mucho gratis goes out to Miss Kentucky, who sent it.

As for me, I'm still pissed at the people (you know who you are) that conned me into thinking Carl's Jr. still gives free coffee to senior citizens (like me). That is not funny guys. Eight o'clock in the morning is way too early for sarcastic mockery from fast-food workers.

p.s. With any luck, I'll be late-nightin' with these fellas.
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Posted by Anonymous stochasticgirl on 4:07 PM

Happy Birthday J-man!!!  

Posted by Blogger Sonoria on 4:20 PM

Happy b-day, neighbor. :)  

Posted by Blogger MichaelPop on 4:37 PM

Happy birthday, J-dawg. I heard Tom Cruise is renting out the Tomkat theater for you. Any truth to those rumors?  

Posted by Anonymous Jon on 5:16 PM

Happy birthday!  

Posted by Blogger Reagan on 10:41 AM

happy birthday.  

Posted by Blogger ..::Meems::.. on 4:13 PM

Go Go Go Go Go Go

Go shawdy
It's ya birfday
We gon' pardy like it's ya birfday

Okay okay. Happy Birthday!!  

Posted by Anonymous dana on 10:03 PM

happy belated birthday!  

Posted by Blogger Hilary on 10:20 AM

Happy belated birthday!  

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