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lindsay lohan does cancers proud...

Maybe she won't notice we subbed in Easter eggs for the candles we ran out of??

Happy Birthday Lohan!!

May the rest of your years be filled with friends, laughter and laughing with those friends while you're trying to fit five of them in the corner bathroom stall at Mood. Yay for everyone being skinny enough!!
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Posted by Anonymous stochasticgirl on 6:00 AM

Ick. That looks like one of the fakest smiles I've ever seen. Blegh.  

Posted by Blogger justin on 9:25 AM

Two to one bets says she has absolutely no idea where she is. She's just looking for her next scoop of ice cream.  

Posted by Blogger Lulu on 11:28 AM

Dear God,

Please make LL have a birthday in a different zodiac sign than me. I understand that you might have to kill her to make this possible. I don't REALLY want her to die. (I don't REALLY want ANYONE to die, this is not special to her...)

But, I would be ok with it if that's what has to happen.

Thanks homie.


Posted by Anonymous Batman on 1:38 PM

please eat some of that cake... you're melting away... although, with that fake smile, and your knife sharp elbows flying everywhere, you still look super hot....
Tom Cruise rules! He's as crazy as a shithouse rat!
We're all out of crazy in Canada, can we borrow some Cruise?  

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 11:38 AM

Maybe you guys are just jealous of Lindsey. I thinks she's beautiful. I'm skinny too... does that mean that I have cancer. You guys are dumb...maybe you're just saying things like this because you're too fat to even move away from your computer, so you have nothing better to do with your life then talk crap on the wealthy, successful, and beautiful people in the world. GET A LIFE!!!  

Posted by Blogger justin on 12:02 PM


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