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robots (unrequitedly) love alicia keys...

I want to believe in a world in which any robot (white, black, brown or metallic), can go up to Alicia Keys, just say hello and get his robomack on.

But look at her. Just look. She's playing with his emotions. He's right there in it and I don't think she's picking up what he's putting down. He'll probably spend all night complimenting her outfit, buying her appletinis and telling her how much he really enjoyed The Diary of Alicia Keys. She'll smile and nod and playfully stroke his grappling hook hands. He'll think, "Wow, Alicia Keys is totally diggin' me. Maybe I do have a chance." Then she'll say, "Hey, me and my girls are going to the restroom. I'll be right back." And then he'll wait. And wait. And wait. Final call will pass by and he'll just stand there. All buzzed and robotic-like. Once he realizes he's been duped, he'll probably drive up Mulholland Drive and run off a cliff. I've seen it happen. Robots never survive in this town. It's really sad. And all because Alicia "Tease" Keys played with his emotions.
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Posted by Anonymous Neil on 9:24 PM

It's his own fault. These robots are all the same. Always hitting on the most glamourous "impossible to get" girl, which is a situation that's doomed from the start. What was wrong with talking with the other two girls? They may not be as attractive or successful, but they are "nice" girls. If he lowered his standards a bit, he might have gotten the phone number of one of the other girls -- and gone out for a nice date at the Cheesecake Factory. But robots only think with one thing -- their XRW-4566B processor!  

Posted by Blogger Kelvin on 1:25 AM

Hey robots don't think, at least not down under in New Zealand. Too much water clogs their brains. Hey you have got a really great blog. It should be higher up the ladder. I keyed in "kama blog family" - flick through and found you. I'll be back if I remember what number you are at. Send me an email, so I don't lose your blog. Kelvin Yorke from NZ  

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