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suck it aol 2.0...

(On the computer I'm using, Nicole Richie looks really really hot in this old picture. That's how screwed up this computer is. I know this sounds like a bs excuse but I think it's a contrast problem?? Hell, I don't know.)

I'm so not in LA right now. I'm currently in North Carolina holed up in my Southern Baptist grandmother's upstairs office typing on a computer that is the LOUDEST computer I have ever experienced. I wouldn't be surprised if there's a little bird running on a little wheel giving it power (a la Flintstones). Oh, yeah, and she's got AOL 2.0 and Windows 95. I can't even see what I'm typing this is so confusing. It probably won't even post in paragraphs. It'll convert into telegraph sanskrit for all my luck.

In the past two days, I have drank enough sweet tea to drown a Ugandan village, had a nightmare that I was on Dancing With The Stars paired up with Chyna AND I've seen War of the Worlds for the 2nd time. And you know what? It's still awesome. And I noticed two more glaring things (also SPOILERS if you haven't seen it yet):

A) The acting performances by the odd old couple at the end makes the old man performance that bookends Saving Private Ryan look Old Person Oscar worthy. How the hell did they know Tom Cruise was walking down the street anyway? I swear they're all aliens. Especially the ungrateful mom and the asshole kid who survived Alienoshima back at the farm.

B) The running onto the ferry when deadly alien tripods are chasing you is BAD. But getting on the ferry and getting into a car is (and turned out to be) a terrible idea. Did anyone else see that? At least jump off the ferry and pretend you're floating. I mean, huh?
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Posted by Blogger Sonoria on 11:17 PM

It's that time of the year AGAIN?

Come back safely.

P.S. I'm surprised you didn't make any nip jokes.  

Posted by Anonymous Jason on 11:31 PM

Probably because he's afraid I'll report him to HR. Oh yeah, I don't work there anymore. Dude, Cory's not updating his site. I've come to posting on yours. Deal with it!  

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 11:49 PM

I gots to admit this site is pretty funny sometimes. Even with all the racist, politcally incorrect jokes that keep it running.  

Posted by Anonymous Jason on 7:52 AM

Did you go to Bonjangles??? Thats the best thing about North Carolina. Also, did anybody have flashbacks of "The Abyss" when that thing was is the farm house looking around?  

Posted by Blogger Cory on 9:14 AM

dude, i updated. it's safe to come back.

tom cruise's son in war of the worlds was deader than disco after the ENTIRE field burst into flames - ridiculous that he was there at the end.

way to go bing bong.  

Posted by Anonymous Jay on 9:47 AM

I think we're getting mixed up here. There's two Jason's posting on this board. I'll now be known as Jay. I mistakenly posted as Anonymous, but I still do think Justin's site is amusing. Here's the way to keep score, Justin's site is amuses me as does Cory the person. Is Carolina a lot like "One Tree Hill?" I'm pissed they shoot the show over there.  

Posted by Blogger EmployeeMegan on 6:14 PM

I used to post on my grandma's computer in NC! damn that was rough.  

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