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and now, jennifer aniston hates all canadian dinosaurs as well...

The girlfriend and I also like to "visit dinosaur exhibits." But when we do it, it lasts more than an hour. And we don't bring the kid. And if there's three other people in the room, they better be holding cameras.

Oh wait. They actually visited dinosaur exhibits? That's so lame. They could have at least stolen some brontosaurus bones and made a Dinosaur Carcass Playhouse for Maddox out of them. Just because he keeps coming over wanting to play in mine and it's really getting on my nerves.

Jolie, Pitt Visit Dinosaur Exhibit [AP]
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Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 5:29 PM

Brad and Jolie.
My boyfriend looks like Brad, but I don't lok anything like Jolie. We take a bus pass a dinosaur museum, for what it is...set up to scare off somebody! We both talk about go inside someday...we're leaving for Oklahoma next month, and we never made it in the museum to see the dinosuars. Michael, my boyfriend, only looks like Brad and I look nothing like Jolie.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 10:33 PM

to the last blogger.....what????  

Posted by Anonymous Neil on 3:07 AM

Why did the museum director need to say that the couple was "gracious and accommodating?" Did he expect them to be spoiled Hollywood brats and push over the dinosaur bones when they didn't get their lattes served in the Tyrannosaurus rex coffee mugs from the gift shop?  

Posted by Blogger justin on 9:07 AM

Totally Neil.

It was also so "unfortunate" how word leaked out. Then they were forced to call the press and report it.  

Posted by Blogger holly berry on 1:54 PM

To us Canadians every celeb that stops by is "gracious and accomodating" and that is the way we like them.
I feel all special now that me, Angie and Brad have looked at the same T-rex bones. Possibly from the same spot!  

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