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extreme popularity of now that's what i call music cd series finally explained...

Dude. Free CD case. It will protect your Now That's What I Call Music 19 CD from scratches and inclement weather. How has the NTWICM website not shut down from the barrage of traffic this irresistible offer surely brings?? If it comes with a free track listing on top of that, I'm buying ten copies for myself right now.

A booklet inside, frankly, would be gravy on top. This is so much better than the "IPOD with free earbuds" deal. Because if you drop your IPOD, as many know, those earbuds are not going to provide the proper protection a "free CD Case" would. If Apple was smart, they would jump on the "free CD Case" bandwagon. Or somehow package the IPOD inside a "free CD Case." Best of both worlds.

How does NTWICM keep churning out the hits like this, anyway? Do they have a sweatshop full of 12-year-old girls in a dungeon with computers somewhere? Do dungeons even have computers today? Are these girls working 80-hour-weeks downloading the necessary mp3's for these supreme compilations? They have to be, right? And there's meticulous research involved, too. Who decided to put a Keith Urban song directly before a Backstreet Boys track?? Genius. If those sweatshop girls are responsible, they're genius. They all deserve Happy Meals, in my book.
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Posted by Blogger JJ on 6:47 PM

I got a CD case for my car. At first I felt a little silly because it didn't fit quite right - I think it's for a Civic and I drive an Accord - but I got into a fender bender the other day and boy was I glad I had it then. Highly recommended.  

Posted by Anonymous Batman on 8:10 AM

I bought a double cd case for my dog. It was a bit akward at first, but now that little spike has gotten use to it, the little bastard is rolling down hills, playing in traffic, and attacking any other pet that moves. It's GREAT. He's never been happier.
Thank you Ronco!  

Posted by Blogger ..::Meems::.. on 11:33 AM

I've always wondered how they're able to sell so many copies of those cds.

And all they had to do was offer a free cd case.

I guess mystery solved?  

Posted by Blogger Paul on 6:25 PM

People are OBSESSED with cases.

The evidence can be found here: http://simpsonsbox.com/

Apparently, they shipped the newest season of the simpsons (#6) on DVD in a collectible box that doesn't match the previous 5, and because people are so anal about all their CASES looking the same, you can send away for a CASE. Like the others.

C'mon, people!  

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