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things learned from rosie o'donnell's blog: she knows bears are dangerous...

Everyone should go see Grizzly Man. It's about a guy that studied bears for years in the wilderness of Alaska before dying of a bear attack in 2003.

Sad sad story. Especially when you learn that Rosie O'Donnell pretty much warned him beforehand with her soothsayer ways:

today i am going to see
the timothy treadwell documentary grizzly man
tim was on my show in 1999
one of those bears will eat u for lunch
i told the blonde wild eyed man
he just laughed

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Posted by Blogger Paul on 6:00 PM


She's smart, that Nostradumbass Rosie.  

Posted by Blogger BillyD on 6:28 PM

Lord only knows where we would be without Rosie O'donnell. "...one of those bears will eat you for lunch..."

Bears don't like people? really?

Can anyone possibly question her flawless prism of logic?
I submit that they can not!

ps-great blog, funny stuff.  

Posted by Blogger Cory on 12:38 PM

Let's be honest here, this is all about Rosie projecting her lunch fantasies onto the bear.

Deep down, she wanted to eat the guy for lunch. And the bear.  

Posted by Anonymous Batman on 12:42 PM

Rosie doesn't eat bear, or man... just chomps on ladies only.
She's a vagitarian.
sorry... that's crude... but must be said.  

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