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hilary duff is totally freaked out by squirrels (and, in effect, drinking)...

I have to finally tip my hat to Amanda Scheer Demme and her Hollywood hotspot, The Tropicana Bar, on this one. A writeup in the LA Times is good. A spot on Defamer's watchlist is even better. But nothing screams publicity stunt like the employment of undercover squirrels to scare underage actresses away from drinking. That is classic.

BTW, Hilary Duff has never "slinked sexily" anywhere. "Toddled frivolously," maybe. "Ambled awkwardly," most likely. But never "slinked sexily." Girls that look like they're built with Legos do not do that.

Hilary's Squirrel Scare [National Enquirer]


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Posted by Blogger Avatar on 12:07 PM

How about "lumbered elephantically"? No? Okay, then.  

Posted by Blogger justin on 12:09 PM

It's on the tip of my tongue.

"Bobbled baby-ly?"


Posted by Blogger dantobindantobin on 1:18 PM

Built with Legos or sculpted with Femo? I guess both are sufficiently plasticky...

(Nice meeting you and your girl last night)  

Posted by Blogger justin on 1:29 PM

Oh the fine art of Fimo clay sculpting. Fun for the entire family.  

Posted by Anonymous Mikey Burgher on 2:48 PM



Posted by Blogger justin on 2:58 PM


i'm at work. i don't see u here. if u need help, use smoke signals.


Posted by Anonymous Hilary on 5:54 PM

I saw "Hilary" in the title and thought you wrote a post about me. But I'm not um, scared of squirrels.

Looking forward to our 80s movie DVD commentary though.  

Posted by Blogger justin on 5:57 PM

You have nothing to worry about. You can drink safely around these squirrels.  

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