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i would rather ferry lost souls across the river styx for eternity than be set up with this girl from abc's hooking up...

I am not crazy. This can actually be found on her personal webpage from the show (which I fully admit it's weird that I watch but it's like trying to turn away from a train wreck full of clowns):

Amy has a few simple requirements for her prospective daters: you are "single / a non-smoker / have graduated college / live alone / like animals / are not overweight / are confident / do not live with your mother / are professionally employed / don't own any video games / don't drink beer on a daily basis / don't spend sunny days watching sports / go to sleep at a reasonable hour / are a morning person / don't listen to rap music / don't have bad breath / are taller than 5'6" / are funny / polite / attractive / straight / and willing to take me out this Thursday afternoon!"

To quote Phil Connors, "This is a guy we're talking about, right?" If I was stuck for life on a desert island (as in Blue Lagoon) with this girl, there would be no choice as to my life's direction. I would instantly start walking into the ocean until A) I drowned or B) I magically grew gills and fins. No doubt in my mind. She is that bad. I hope I never see her on the street.


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Posted by Blogger JJ on 12:51 PM

I'm addicted to that damn show. Train wreck full of clowns just about sums it up.

And, yeah, she's going to have to build that guy in a lab from parts of various Osmond brothers.  

Posted by Anonymous meme on 1:15 PM

I KNOW! She's hor-ri-ble. Giving us a bad name, damn!

But was it not funny how they showed the phone conversation and then the guy says,"yeah, I just dumped her." Hello! We all heard the conversation...it sounded fairly mutual to me. I rewinded my Tivo just to watch that again.  

Posted by Blogger hannah on 2:03 PM

There is a guy who works on the same floor that I do in NYC and he went on a date with her.




Posted by Blogger justin on 2:06 PM

holy crap. i want dirt now!! a full interview. stat.  

Posted by Anonymous Neil on 3:12 PM

How healthy can she be if she's eating all those potato chips?  

Posted by Blogger Cory on 3:13 PM

No no, man, your plan is all wrong. First you sleep with her, then drown her, maaaaybe give it a go one more time while she's still warm, then make her into a raft.  

Posted by Blogger justin on 3:15 PM

AND he's single, everyone!!


Posted by Blogger Cory on 3:15 PM

Not for long. Soon I'll be a couple with the raft.  

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