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someone's been to the giant inflatable middle finger store...

You know that this exact conversation had to go down at some point in the pre-production phase of Eminem's Anger Management Tour:

"Em, dude, what you want on stage, man?? We got the production designer here. She's got, like, blueprints and ideas and shit."

"Yo, check it. I've got the best idea ever, man."

"Ahhh, snap. What up?"

"Giant inflatable middle fingers, man."

"Yo yo, I got you. Like big ones, right?"

"Huge. I want the nosebleeds that spent $100 a ticket to see 'em."

"Yea-ahhh!! The bomb, yo!!"

"And then I'll come out at the beginning and squat down in front of 'em."

"Aight. Sing it, son."

"And it'll be, like, dudes, I'm really pissed off. And they'll look and see the giant inflatable middle fingers and know, like, how pissed off I really am!"

"You're a genius."

"I know. Dude, here's some cash money. Go to the giant inflatable middle finger store and buy, like, a dozen. Just in case I want to jump around on 'em until they pop."

"Aiiight. I'm out, Em."

"And then come back and get Bizarre or Havoc to help you blow those things up. I got to start practicing and stuff."

"Got it, yo."

(Editor note: WTF man! Where can I buy these stupid things? All I can find is this Giant Noah's Ark Slide. And this Airbot fighter thing (which is admittingly awesome). But I doubt any of that will get me the streed cred giant inflatable middle fingers surely bring.)


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Posted by Anonymous Tina B. on 11:10 AM

LMAO and you know, I can hear it going just like that, too.

I wonder who manufactures those?  

Posted by Blogger LA on 1:11 PM

That's what I want for christmas! Giant inflatable middle fingers.

You gotta find out where to get these man.  

Posted by Anonymous meme on 1:33 PM

I want those for my nephew's birthday party...what an awesome slide!  

Posted by Blogger JJ on 1:53 PM

Oh, man. When I saw the AirBots I thought at first you actually sort of floated around IN THE AIR. I got all excited and everything. Now I have to get them to take the charge off my credit card.  

Posted by Blogger Cory on 2:56 PM

Why are these people talking like it's 1997? get with the times, aight. snap.  

Posted by Blogger Cory on 2:57 PM

damn double posts on blogger, what's up with that, aight? snap. that's not the bomb, yo.  

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