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for a small fee, you too can reanimate chris farley for your special event...

Nothing against Farley, but if I was to come back from the dead exclusively for a red carpet event, I would have picked a better one than Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo. But the sequel to Sleepover (which only exists in my dreams, btw)??? Now, THAT would be a good time to come back. I would just hope that my fairy-zombie-godmother would give me a longer curfew than midnight!!!

Also in attendance at the Deuce-tacular premiere:

I'd only be Ryan Cabrera's friend if he let me go around parties popping balloons with his hair. That's the rules, Spike. Take it or leave it.

The director of the movie's name is Mike Bigelow. My assumption was confirmed by his IMDB listing that, yes, it is his first movie. Therefore, don't be surprised when my first movie is also released later this year. But, to make it a "sure thing," I must change my name to Justin Sleepover 2.

Call me crazy, but I sure wouldn't want to be O.J. Simpson's (blonde) date at a red carpet event. What if he cut you in the limo and told you not to say anything about it while he was busy doing interviews? Due to the carpet's color, it'd be hard to alert Extra or Access Hollywood reporters to the fact that, hey, you're dying. Not to beat a dead horse either, but I don't think the killers are in Vegas hanging out at a movie premiere. Or are they??


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Posted by Blogger Avatar on 3:42 PM

I dunno about you, but everytime I see a picture of Ryan Cabrera, all I can think is, "Man, what a fucking douchebag."

I'm not sure why. It might be that stupid-ass hairstlye of his.  

Posted by Blogger justin on 3:46 PM

Potatoes, patatoes.

I think, "Man, what a balloon-popping douchebag."

I kind of want to take him to the carnival and just throw him at that wall of balloons. Win me a big inflatable bat or something.  

Posted by Blogger Lons on 11:27 PM

Clearly, Rob Schneider is the real killer of Nicole Brown Simpson. I think we've all known this for a long time...I just think none of us white people has wanted to admit it.

Cause, man, that guy is hilarious.  

Posted by Anonymous Batman on 8:19 AM

That crowd could not possibly be any more lame... Although, Chris Farley, GRHS, what the @#$% is up wit dat? Look alike? Blow up doll? digitally enhanced photo/stock photo? What the blood clot?
OJ - token guest when nobody else can come.
Cabrera- dude, that hair is SO redics... you're a clown
Director- nice name dude.... brutal
Blonde with OJ- have you seen OJ's knife collection yet?  

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