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eva longoria tells her bff's all about sex with tony parker...


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Posted by Anonymous meme on 11:08 AM

"does my ass look broken?" hahahaha  

Posted by Blogger LA on 11:20 AM

Holy crap, that was hilarious!
That was fantastic in ways I can't even explain.
And the best part is that it's very probable that she was actually saying that!  

Posted by Blogger justin on 11:25 AM

And it all happened at the Roosevelt. I gots to get a room there.  

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 11:38 AM

She's straight up smokin hot.. for a midget texan dating an alien Frenchman...
They make little people whoopie all the time together... I wonder if they'd have little Gary Coleman kids?
Im Batman  

Posted by Blogger justin on 11:39 AM


Batman's a fan.  

Posted by Blogger Zakaja on 12:50 PM

Oh man, that shit it hilarous. Couldn't have said it better myself.  

Posted by Blogger Avatar on 3:41 PM

Holy crap, I nearly pissed myself laughing! You, my friend, have quite the imagination. I salute you.  

Posted by Anonymous RaP on 10:17 AM

amazing work! LOL  

Posted by Anonymous Tina B. on 11:07 AM


Posted by Blogger Janet on 7:31 AM

Wow. Eva looks a lot younger when she's not all make up'ed up.  

Posted by Anonymous ryan on 5:19 PM

goodstuff goodstuff. where did the stalkercam come from?  

Posted by Blogger justin on 5:25 PM

I don't know. But I kinda want to hang out there.  

Posted by Anonymous dana on 6:23 PM

best photo collage ever!  

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 6:07 PM

I laughed so hard I nearly crapped my pants.  

Posted by Blogger banklocater on 9:33 AM

You are fuckin hilarious!  

Posted by Anonymous 2Cute4U on 9:09 PM

yall r sooo stupid. dat stuff wuz retarded(like yall) but ne way ppl like that need a life and justin ur stupid 4 thinkin that she prolly said that wut a crackhead my dog makes better jokes by da way that wuz not funny at all i almost fell asleep at my computer  

Posted by Blogger Opal on 12:15 AM


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