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i wouldn't date your mom if she was the last mom in the world...

I would not want to be the guy walking around with this on his chest. Worst tattoo ever.

Do any other guys ever watch MTV's Date My Mom and wonder if their own mom is watching the show at that same exact moment thinking, "Man, I wish (insert name here) would have been born a girl. Cause this show looks kinda fun." Nope? Just me?

Three other quick (random) thoughts about the show:

1) I'd like a souped-up Tivo that would record only the "Oh Crap I Picked the Hot Mom And Got the Girl With The Frying Pan Face" moments. And only those three-second clips. I cherish every one of those.

2) If MTV isn't currently developing a "Date My Dad" to be paired with "Date My Mom" in a "Date My Entire Family" hour-long block of programming, everyone at the network should be shot. With tiny Carson Daly-shaped bullets. The pairing of three horny desperate housedads with a Laguna Beach-clone would be TV sent from heaven. I'm looking for a suggestion box on the MTV site but not finding it.

3) Just for once, I'd like to see a mother-daughter team that absolutely hated each other. "Banging your daughter's potential husband out of spite via a crappy dating show" is not only an idea I support. It's an idea that really deserves to enter the Google lexicon. In fact, I just went back and put it in parentheses for future searchers.


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Posted by Anonymous Hilary on 4:15 PM

Haha. My sister used to work at MTV in reality series development and used to joke that when they came up with "Date My Sister," she'd nominate me. Isn't she kind?  

Posted by Blogger justin on 4:20 PM

That's funny.

"Date My Grandma" also has a nice ring to it. I'm going to poll the senior citizens at my next 8 am Carl's Jr breakfast and ask them if they'd apply.  

Posted by Blogger Page France on 8:00 PM

"Date My Grandma," would be decidedly awesome if insurance shenanigans ensued. Break G'ma's hip so it'll never heal, make sure she gets phenomena and dies, and I'll give you $200 bucks from my fat inheritance. Both parties go their separate ways until inexplicitly meeting up in the 4th layer of Hell 20.8 years down the road.  

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 11:54 PM

can I get an apostrophe? haha


Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 11:55 PM

wait - make that quotes, whateva  

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