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truthfully, everyday should be "eva longoria in a bikini day!"

It's too bad there's not an Emmy category for Best Tanning At the Roosevelt Hotel Pool By An TV Actress in a Comedy Series. Not that I'd think she'd win. I just think there should be more awards given out for stupid things. Isn't that what Hollywood is all about??

BTW, if the question is ever, "Hey man, do you want these hot pictures of Eva Longoria in a bikini," the answer is always YES or YES PLEASE. Hell, if you have pics of Bea Arthur in a bikini, I'll look at 'em. I'd have to have a drink first. But I'd look at 'em.
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Posted by Blogger Fun Joel on 2:53 PM

Thanks! 'nuff said.  

Posted by Blogger Paul on 3:51 PM

Dude, don't knock Bea Arthur in a bikini. Back when she was 55 she was smoking.


Posted by Blogger justin on 3:59 PM

The drink isn't for me. It's for her. The roofies in it, though? They're for me.  

Posted by Blogger Jenny on 8:02 PM

um, where are her breasts? how can a chick be hot without decent breasts?  

Posted by Blogger Mia on 11:58 AM

She looks like a boy to me...or at least has a boyish body. Or kind of an adolescent body...you know..no hips or breasts. Not attractive in my opinon. Give me curves!!  

Posted by Anonymous lawkidd on 12:35 PM

I would have to agree with the ladies on this one... she's in need of some more defined curves....
Her ass is so incredible though, it's sinful.
And the last story about her, was insanely funny.
BTW, where's the religious zealot dude when you need him?  

Posted by Blogger 5star on 1:39 AM

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