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i don't think gwen stefani understands what "cool" even means...

The more I hear Gwen Stefani's song "Cool" and the more I see her new music video for the same song, the more I think she doesn't really understand the true meaning of the word "cool."

I'm not this ex-boyfriend of hers (who I guess is the dude Tony in No Doubt), but I'm pretty sure he thinks they're "cool" by now. Hasn't she wrote at least two dozen songs about their relationship over the years? How many more is she going to have to write? Is that why the band took a break and she went solo? Did everything come to a head in non-cool ways?

"Tony, now I've got 50 more songs about how we're cool!!"

"No way. Serious?"

"Yes. Here, let me sing them all to you!! In alphabetical order!"

"I'm cool. No thanks. I think the band should take a break."


"Totally. 100% cool."

"Oh silly willy! I don't think that's quite enough. I want to prove to you that we're cool. So I'm going to do a entire solo album all about us being cool."

"Like a No Doubt album, but without us...really."

"Yeah. And then I'm going to pay a bunch of Japanese girls to tour the world with me. Everyone will think that they are for looks. But they're really there so I can have more people to talk to about how cool we are."

And then that's what she did. She wrote an entire album about them being "cool." And, frankly, I thought some of the songs on the album, even "Cool," were kinda "cool" in a 80's dance club kinda way. Then I heard them all three million times. And they started getting much less "cool." They're actually starting to piss me off a bit. I won't lie. Yes, you're a "Rich Girl." But you're kinda crazy. No doubt.

In conclusion, I don't think they're "cool." God, I hope so. But I think it's never going to end. And that...is sad. Because she's married. To that Bush guy. And I thought his band was "cool." Back when I was 13. Come on..."Machinehead?" Good song.
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Posted by Blogger Fun Joel on 10:07 AM

I've written 65 songs, and they're all about Joe. Joe lies, when he cries. That'll never be me, that'll never be me! Don't you even think it!  

Posted by Blogger justin on 10:09 AM



Posted by Blogger dattaswami on 10:46 AM

Matthew – 6 : 19 to 22
“Do not Lay up for yourselves, treasures on earth. But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven. For where your treasure is there your heart will be also”.

Matthew -7: 21
“Not everyone who say to Me, ‘Lord, Lord’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but He who does the will of My Father in Heaven”.

Hindus are sacrificing words through prayers and feelings through expression of love for the sake of God. When the question of wealth or money comes they sacrifice it for the sake of their families only. This is the reason why India suffers with poverty. Swami Vivekananda wept loudly facing the sky asking; “Why India with such high spiritual knowledge is suffering with poverty?” The foreigners are not so well in prayers and expression of love or meditation compared to Indians but they sacrifice their money for the sake of God with full vigor. Therefore God blesses the foreign countries with wealth and prosperity.

Indians must learn this practical sacrifice from foreigners. Everybody agrees that the real power is money only. Money is fruit of work and Bhagavatgita calls sacrifice of money “Karma Phala Tyaga”. Gita says devotion is greater than Knowledge and sacrifice of the fruit of the work (money) is greater than devotion. The proof of the love is the practical service, which is the practical sacrifice of work or money. For propagation of divine knowledge and devotion money is needed to publish gospel in the form of books. When you sacrifice money for divine work your treasure in heaven is built up. God will help you after death & you will enter His.

You are giving earnings to family and so real love is on your family only. There is no need of any further argument because it is very clear proof. This is the real fire test for your love. You are sacrificing valueless words and valueless mind in leisure, which is valueless time. You must give real value to God. You are finishing your prayers and meditation on God as soon as the time to go to job is nearing. When some work for family is approaching, you are immediately leaving presence of God. You are not giving any value to God for all practical purpose. But you are telling lies in prayers that God is everything for you.Money can be only test also since all family is associated with you for money only and family serves you in your old age for your money only.

A father purchased some sweets and gave to his child. The father is asking for one sweet from the child just to test the attitude and the love of the child on him. Even if you are not returning back the God’s money to God, you are leaving that money here only and you are quitting this world with vacant hands.The devotee who donates extra money to God for His divine work is also quitting world with vacant hands.Former is going to Hell as a thief but latter is going to Kingdom of God because he returned stolen money of God. When returning this extra money, you must be very careful to see that it reaches God only and not others. God dwells in two places 1) In the body of human incarnation (Son of God) 2) In the heart of a real devotee. When the money is donated to such God man or real devotee, that money is properly used to uplift humanity.In such social service the God-man or the real devotee will use lot of discrimination due to their divine knowledge and the money donated by you will be properly spent.

Without the practical sacrifice of money or at least the work, mere prayers, love and meditation are only the side pickles in the plate without the central bread or rice. When God eats the pickles only which you serve, His stomach is burnt with high acidity and God becomes furious. Due to His anger extra money stored goes waste through diseases etc., This gospel of Holy Jesus should open eye of knowledge of all Hindus to learn practical sacrifice from foreigners. Holy Jesus referred to such people who do not give up their extra money for God’s work saying that they can never reach God even if a camel passes through the eye of a needle. His Gospel refers to such selfish rich people only who are caught up in the net of their limited families.

at the lotus feet of shri datta swami

Posted by Blogger justin on 10:59 AM


Posted by Anonymous Batman on 10:59 AM

DUDES.... WTF was that religious stuff?
That's Bananas, B A N A N A S!!
(cue the 4 cute asian girls bouncing around me)  

Posted by Blogger Avatar on 11:04 AM

Must be troll/comment spam week in the blogosphere.

I think you're cool for admitting you liked Bush. The band, not the chronic fuck-up who's in charge.  

Posted by Blogger holly berry on 11:32 AM

I am glad to see that I am not the only one that saw the song "cool" as a desperate cool attempt to prove that she was cool...like a car salesman that keeps telling you how HONEST he is, (Honest Al here at your sevice!) Honestly.
p.s. Bush rules, I have machinehead, mouth and little things on my MP3 player, still.  

Posted by Blogger kristine on 12:56 PM

fuck. i guess this means i'm out the $5000 it cost to import my asian entourage.  

Posted by Anonymous still waiting for punchline on 1:45 PM

Alright, so I'm supposed to give my money to pay for God's ulcer treatment and then pass a camel through where?!  

Posted by Anonymous Neil on 7:52 PM

Justin, you get the best religious spam. You need to invite that guy as a guest blogger on your site. I'm sure he'll have some interesting opinions on "Teen Wolf."  

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 5:31 AM

I really like the song "cool." I love the whole album actually...she is such a breath of fresh air from the rap and pop shit that has been spewed on us over the past several years. Some of the songs on her album were songs she'd written years ago that she never had a chance to use with No Doubt...I read that in an article she did with Rolling Stone I think.  

Posted by Blogger Jason on 11:43 PM

i love this song... and you make it so easy to steal your pics =).  

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 7:58 PM

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Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 2:37 PM

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